The beauty of the written word

If you enjoy languages and the beauty of the written word, I suggest you take a peek at Omniglot: writing systems and languages of the world.

I could easily spend hours poring over the scripts.

Dhives Akuru

Both images are taken from the website.

[Update 27-July-2007 @ 00:13 to add better sample of Dhives Akuru script.]


RennyBA said…
The beauty of the writing words - thats a good one! Your examples shows really lovely pictures. I'm amazed of how they've developed.
b said…
wow...great images. i too love script and beautiful fonts. and i also marvel at these languages with gorgeous, complex characters. their symbolic quality is amazing.
Ulysses said…
I don't dare look now, I got to start work.
This weekend though...
Barbara said…
How do suppose the difference in direction came about? I have always wanted to study the origin of language. Do you have any idea how many different written alphabets there are?
Richard said…
rennyba: I recommend you check out the web site, it has lots of different scripts. Many writing systems are very beautiful.

breal: It is possible that our Western alphabet looks so plain because we are used to it. But yeah, many alphabets are beautiful, which is why I tihnk so many people use it as artwork.

ulysses: Best not to let it interfere with work, but I hope you enjoy them over the weekend.

barbara: I have no idea how many different written scripts there are. On the website, a quick count revealed about 160 extant and extinct scripts.

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