What is your tribal allegiance?

I have observed in church that the congregation half-heartedly mumbles prayers and maybe a few intrepid souls will join in singing any hymns, but when it comes to singing the national anthem, people stand to attention, puff out their chest and sing loudly lest their neighbour think them unpatriotic.

This past Sunday / Canada Day (01-July-2007) proved to be no different - patriotism won handedly over godliness.

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Nice to hear this observation. I haven't always noted this. I think most people are shy to sing and afraid they'll muck up the words. I sing out loud and clear because having taught school where we teach kids to stand still and sing all the words in their BEST voices, it's natural for me. I also can sing with true pitch.

I don't go to a church, but when I do go, I notice that everyone sings out and seems to know these hymns but I don't always know them so I'm a bit quieter.
b said…
Hmm....well, there is an enthusiasm in patriotism/allegiance to one's country that is lacking in most religion. Many religions seem to worship in a more subdued and humbled way. I suppose that Southern Baptists here in the U.S. are a great example of enthusiastic worship but growing up Catholic, my observations were along the lines of yours.
RennyBA said…
Interesting thoughts (as always!). I don't go to church that often, but have observed the same in Norway.

Btw: I was in Mariestad cathedral last week, but that was for a concert where a Swedish singer song Edvard Grieg. A must visit for a Norwegian of course:-)
Barbara said…
I think it's because no one is critical of patriotism, but there are still so many religious differences that we can't really advertize our religious preference. Everyone sings the National Anthem at every ball game.
Richard said…
MOI: there is no question that loudly participating for non-regulars might be a bit uncomfortable (especially if you don't know the words). But this is a regular service with all the regulars.

breal: yes, there are some faith traditions with a strong sense of vibrant worship. Charismatics tend to fall into that group as well.

rennyba: I suspectd it was fairly universal.

barbara: while I would not expect the average person in the street to express strong sentiment for religious worship. I would expect the congregation to worship together more strongly. Of course, my expectations may be unrealistic, most people (I suspect) will associate with their nation before their religion. I prefer to associate with Truth.

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