"Will you buy me this gum?” Tania asked.

"No," I said, "and I am not going to buy you any candy, chocolates or chips."

"Da-a-a-d, will you buy this gum for Jason?" Tania asked.

"Smooth," said the cashier.


b said…
Well, your intellect was surely passed on to Tania, huh? :) Gotta love it when it comes back to bite you! And I love the cashier's response.
So true! She's thinkin', "Jason's the Prince..he'll do it for him and he'll share."
Gpta give her points for trying!

And did you stand firm?!!
I'm assuming you both limit the junk your kids get...which would be more than most do.

My sister's twin girls never knew what their last name, (Candy)meant until they went to school and saw all the junk other kids had. When they first went out for Hallowe'en, they didn't know what they were given..they started licking the wrappers since they didn't know about packging! They'd do the same with Kraft cheese slices...they thought it was all plastic, they'd only had the really best old cheddar!
tin-tin said…
hahaha. she's so cute! so did you buy the gum for jason? :)
Barbara said…
So did you buy the gum? The burning question from all your readers!
Richard said…
breal: Tania can be very persistent. She is also incredibly bright and articulate (in three languages, no less). But, she is also incredibly shy outside of family.

MOI: I did not buy the gum. I don't mind some candy, but not too much. My mom used to be a pain in this regard, always giving them sugar. The worst was gum, which we would find stuck everywhere.

tin-tin: No, I did not.

barbara: I did not buy the gum. Which got this response from Jason "You always say 'No' more than mommy does. It's always no, no, no, no, no. Why don't you ever say yes?"
Gloria said…
Children learns their wit from the best, and inherit their strategic thinking. Not pointing fingers anywhere here! =P And Jason wants the truth about why you always say 'no', Spill it out! Hahaha.
Richard said…
gloria: as I told Jason, I do say yes when they ask for the right things - but they do not need a toy or junk food every time we walk into a store.

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