So? Does this mean I'm balanced?

Your Score: Androgynous

You scored 63 masculinity and 60 femininity!

You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.

Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Tena said…
"You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles."

You are not alone, Richard. Maybe they say that to everyone. At least we aren't wishy-washy, I don't think. But then, I'm not really sure. I'll have to ask someone else what they think. What do you think?
Richard said…
tena: I think androynous is the wrong term. There is no ambiguity in my manner or style of dress (true, I may not wear cowboy boots with spurs, a big buckle, a 10 gallon hat and spit,but I certainly don't dress ambiguously).
Ancilla said…
the test shows us that all of us have both part (feminimity and masculineity), just differs in the percentage.

whatever it means to have both in balance, just be the way you are.
and maybe you can be proud enough to be a man who can understand the women?
Cavalock said…
er...congratulations are in order?

Richard said…
ancilla: Well, in a yin-yang sort of way, I suppose I am balanced.

cavalock: I am just filling blog space, so nothing is required - except possibly reader participation.
KayMac said…
You scored 60 masculinity and 70 femininity!

I am not quite as balanced as you but I bet my boyfriend is glad I lean a little more toward the femininity side. LOL
TorAa said…
Like Winnie the Pooh: Yes thanks both
Richard said…
kaymac: my suspicion is that Westerners are more likely to score kind of balanced than those in cultures where gender roles are strictly defined. I also suspect women are more likely to score balanced than men, since it is typically not appropriate for men to show "weakness".

toraa: balance is good.
b said…
Great balance, Richard. I scored 46 masculinity and 66 femininity. I am sure this is largely do to my non-confrontational, non-aggressive, non-competitive self.
I would think this is a good place to e for a man or have many or equal traits of both. Haven't done the test but I know I don't have too many stereotypical masculine traits. I wish I had more.
Richard said…
breal: I am fairly non-confrontational, non-aggressive and non-competitive (which is probably why my masculine score is so low). I think the problem is in labeling (from time immemorial) certain characteristics as desirable in men and others in women.

MOI: I think being balanced is important. Better than being a caricature. Please let me know what your results are.
Just as I would have thought:
70% femininity, 30% masculinity..a typical product of my 1950's upbringing. No surprises there!
Richard said…
MOI: do you really think it was a result of your upbringing? Thanks for sharing!
nspkzwuNot totally...genetics plays a part in, being more like my mother and 3rd daughter-baby syndrome. Seeing my mother model the kind of woman who does all the household stuff and generally goes along with the husband. My oldest sister takes after my father, an extremely assertive type A personality,me? definitely Type B!

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