"It is forbidden to ride a camel inside the village,"

my Sudanese friend told me.

The reason is that the homes have no roofs, except over the kitchen / cooking area. If you were travelling through the village perched atop a camel, you would be able to see over the walls and into people's homes.

Image nabbed from here.


b said…
That's kinda neat....but I love looking into people's homes! At Christmas time I walk around town just to look at lights and trees inside houses..it's so glowing and nice to get a slice of another person's life at that time of year.
TorAa said…
Most interesting. Forbidden to see what people actually do privatly. HM - what a about windows?
Richard said…
breal: I love learning about peoplle and their cultures and customs. I remember once asking my friend about buses in Japan. She thought I was putting her on, but I wasn't I really wanted to know how bus service differed from Japan and here (not much, apparently).

MOI: then you might like walking around in Holland. Things may have changed, but my dad told me a huge shock for him in Holland was seeing that people did not bother to draw their drapes in the evening. He was shocked that they comported and entertained with their windows wide open to the world. Now, this may have changed over the last 40-50 years since my dad was there.

toraa: I am not sure if the homes have windows or not. They may not need any if there is no roof, since you would have natural daylight (a big skylight). Of course, some cultures are different with regard to their windows. In Poland, and certainly the way I grew up, and in Peru, people cover their windows and close them to keep prying eyes out.
bee said…
Oh, I just learned something new from your post.... interesting :)
Gloria said…
Hmm, new fact learned today!
Richard said…
bee: I am sure there are local laws in Singapore that many would find odd. Each culture adapts and creates laws that it thinks are necessary.

gloria: I am glad I could help you learn something new.
Travis Erwin said…
You learn something new everyday.

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