Forbidden Planet is now a rambunctious 2 year old toddler (it happened 2 days ago).

I think it has been more of the same this past year - perhaps a little less self indulgent whining and more arrogant assertiveness.

Work circumstances made blogging a little trickier the past year – and it just keeps gets harder to grab some surreptitious time at work.

I continue to enjoy the wonderful diversity of thoughts and experiences I encounter through out the blog-o-sphere – expanding my horizons always appeals to me. I love the thoughtful comments. I love the interesting interaction.

I suppose the next year will just continue to be more of the same. So, maybe some of you will begin to tire of my questions and oddball perspectives.

I have no idea were the picture came from, but if you do, then let me know and I can credit the source.


tin-tin said…
happy anniversary! two years already? wow! i really am grateful to have discovered your blog coz i learn a lot of things from here :)
KayMac said…
Happy Blogiversary! Your blog is one of my favorite stopping points in blogville. Glad to have gotten to know ya!
Ulysses said…
Tire of the questions and oddball perspectives?! So many other blogs tire me with the lack thereof.
busybee said…
I blogged since Aug 2003 by chance. It's been a very enriching experience for me, especially during the 1st 2 years. It allows me to be the real me within.

By now (3.5 years later), blogging has fulfilled my needs and I am blogging less due to busy work schedule.

Happy Blogging! :D
Barbara said…
Happy anniversary to your Blog. I will continue to look to you to make me think and to question what I take for granted.
Happy 2nd, you old Bogger Toddler!
We won't tire of your "oddball perspectives" because it is for the same reasons you cite that we read yours to widen our perspective. We need it to be unique and "so Richard" in order to continue to broaden our minds.

I've blogged since Nov. 2004, then deleted it in July 05, then started the present one in Aug. That's why I have so many posts I re-posted since no one read the early ones and I wanted feedback on poems etc.

I can't believe the # of people who can blog from work! I can see doing it on your lunch, but certainly I wouldn't rant on about work as many do! If I were teaching, the blogs are blocked out of the school's computers anyway.

Blog on, Richard! (Does Sophie read yours ever? My husband doesn't but sometimes I read them to him.)
Richard said…
tin-tin: thank you. I actually learn quite a lot from reading other people's blogs as well.

kaymac: thank you.

ulysses: nice to see you finally drop a comment. Everybody has different tastes and preferences and tend to aggregate along those lines. In addition to flocking together along similarities, people also have a tendency to carefully watch potential threats.

bee: hmmm ... so your most enriching experience was before I discovered your blog :-( and since then it has all been downhill :P

barbara: we all take things for granted. This is why I think internal reflection is important.

MOI: my employer has no policy forbidding activities - so long as it does not interfere with work. So, lunchtime is a good time. My job also allows me to take a few moments while the computer is doing something else.

It is not always easy. Lately, I have taken to alternating between commenting or posting, since I don't have time to do both.

I am not aware of Sofia reading my blog.
busybee said…
not 'downhill', but 'plateau' rather, after the 'storm'. :)

that's why it can be so "refreshing and life giving" :P
b said…
Happy Anniversary! I shall never tire of your observations, however self indulgent/whinning/arrogant/assertive you believe them to be! I too share your desire to broaden my horizons and am fortunate to have stumbled upon your blog (or did you stumble upon mine first?!), as I always find a great and stimulating topic and perspective here.
Richard said…
bee: clean water is important

breal: I am not sure. I do remember having difficulty commenting on some of your posts. You wrote well, but I had no comment I could leave.

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