Eleven years ago today

So what happened 11 years ago today?

According to wikipedia and BBC’s On This Day – not much.

Lot’s of things have happened on March 10th, but, apparently, nothing newsworthy happened on 10-March-1995.

On this day, I met Sofia for the first time.

I remember this, not because I was so impressed with Sofia, but because of the way I remember things.

I remember most of my first encounters with future friends – but generally not the date I met them.

But … there is one thing I do tend to remember – birthdays.

I remember meeting Sofia because I was asked to pick her up and bring her to a friend’s birthday party.

How did this first meeting go?

Me: Hi. Are you Sofia?
Sofia: Yes.
Me: I’m Richard, I’m supposed to pick you up to go to Olga’s party.
Sofia: Yes, let me get my coat.
Me: I think you should change you skirt and put on a pair of pants.
Sofia: No, it’s ok.
Me: This is Canada, it is still winter and it can get very cold.
Sofia: I’ll be fine, besides we’re going by car.
Me I still recommend you change.
Sofia I’ll be fine.

Sofia’s recollection is slightly different:

Me: Hi. Are you Sofia?
Sofia: Yes.
Me: (disapprovingly) Hmm, a mini-skirt. You need to change.

Now, I know Sofia’s version is incorrect because I can’t distinguish one skirt from another. I also know I made my recommendation as someone who has experienced a few Canadian winters and knows how to dress for them – and since I knew Sofia had only recently arrived in Canada, I was more concerned that she was warm than trying to dress elegantly as if it was summer in Peru.

On the way to the party I got lost, so I had to stop and consult a map. Conversation was awkward because she spoke very little English, so we communicated in French, but … I understand French better than I speak it.

Her impression of me that night was that I was nice, but overly serious. I have no strong impressions of her. I remember when I was leaving I offered to take her home, but she wanted to stay longer (I turn into a pumpkin at midnight or so) because, in Peru (or Latin America for that matter), parties don’t really get started until 23:00 or later and continue on until morning. (The birthday girl was Colombian – Olga is a fairly common name in Colombia – I’ve met three Colombian women named Olga).


busybee said…
hehe... that's an interesting account. :)

i guess that's the difference between a man's and a woman's perception of things/words.
Richard said…
Not sure it is necessarily a man / woman perception difference. It is more likely a me / rest of the world difference.
How sweet. It is so refreshing to read stories like this. You are a classic.
Richard said…
THanks elvina, but I doubt I am classic, the reality is that I am a man who never was.
freckled-one said…
Not Romeo and Juliet but cute nonetheless. The important thing is that you met.. and eventually fell in love.

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