Single dad with two lovely kids ...

Sofia is currently in Curitiba, Brazil until 01-April-2006, so I have the kids with me up here in Ottawa.

They will be spending their days in a artistic camp while I work.

Today, I took JJ to the Canadian Museum of Nature - which, I take as a good omen, had free admission today.

Tania headed off with Sofia's cousin, Suzana, to go do "girl stuff" (whatever that is).

It's amazing how quickly the how gets messy when the kids are around - also had to stock up the fridge with more palatable foods for the kids than my normally ascetic diet would be.


Colleen said…
Oh with kids in the house you have to have stuff they like to eat. I love sardines but I know my 9 year old would never touch them..
Richard said…
My goal is to try and get them to eat what they are given. So far, I have managed, during the time I was home, encourage Jason to eat some vegetables. Sofia says I am cruel and heavy handed – but I think it is worse to simply cave in and make the kids an alternate meal. My philosophy is “Eat and you will be well fed, don’t eat and you will go hungry.”
I can imagine being alone with kids. Can be quite a handful....

And yes...i do wonder about the universal phenomenon about kids and their vegetables. why is it so distasteful to them? is it the way we cooked them? does it remind them of chewing grass? or is it a natural substance embedded in these greenies that turn kids off totally?

i cannot comprehend. Cos I am one of those kids too.
Richard said…
Well, what is it about vegetables you don't like?

I am not crazy about all vegetables, but there are a number I eat. I have a preference for the ones I ate as a kid (beets, potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, broccoli and cabbage).

I am not really partial to raw vegetables - except for tomatoes.
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