Regular Workweek = Short Weekend

Started back on a regular workweek today - for the past year and a half or so, when I have been working, I was only working a 4 day week (at a corresponding 80% of pay).

I had scheduled it such that I took Monday’s off. Friday would be a more typical choice, but I have garbage pick up on Friday’s in Ottawa, so I needed to be around to take the garbage to the curb and pick up the garbage and recycling bins (otherwise they would stay there the whole weekend).

In hindsight and with the experience of only a two day weekend this past weekend, I realize that taking Monday off was much smarter than taking Friday off.


Because on Monday, with the kids in school and Sofia at work, I had pretty much the whole day to do nothing and simply unwind - which in my case is essential.

Going back to work today, I am tired and unrefreshed. I had a nice time with the kids over the weekend (and hope the rest of the week follows suite), but I did not have enough me time. Of course, the three of us all sleeping on a Queen sized futon probably doesn’t help much either – sleep arrangements are limited in Ottawa. They assume normal sleep positions, I try to accommodate myself by curling up in the space left around the foot of the futon (I stand about 6’1” – 185cm). I suppose I could sleep on the floor, but, to be honest, it is not very refreshing – even if I do prefer a firm surface.

When the compressed workweek kicks in in two weeks time, and I get every second Friday off, I am under the impression that although Friday will be a me day for me, it will not be as satisfying occurring before the weekend as after the weekend. Hey! Who knows, I could be wrong, perhaps it will lead to better weekends?


Bee said…
This entry makes me laughed... made my day.. as i was a litle down today. Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes I wish there are more works with 4-days week. :) I also like to have "me" time. :)
Richard said…
I don't see what was humerous in this entry, but, if it helped to brighten your day, then I am glad.

You can always try to negotiate a 4 day work week.

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