When 24 is really 15

What is it with prepackaged cake mixes? The side panel said it made 24 cupcakes if you filled the muffin cups 2/3.

Well, I only got 15.

This is always the case. Even with from scratch recipes. I've made cookies where the recipe says something like 'makes 6 dozen' and I'm usually lucky to get half that amount.

Sofia's cousin, Suzana, finds it funny that I enjoy cooking and baking because in the macho Peruvian culture men don't. From my point of view, if I want to eat, I cook.

Note, you can use the microwave to make muffins / cupcakes in about 3 minutes.

I use a metal 4 hole muffin tray. If someone has experience with the silicone rubber ones, I'd like to know - my suspicion is that it might bake faster.

Sofia is not crazy about baked goods out of the microwave because they don't brown - but, let's face it, if you are making angel cake, nice and white is just right.

Image grabbed from here.


*raises hand about the silicone rubber ones* I received one of the silicone muffin pans as a gift at Christmas. I hate to say it, but it is AWFUL! I suppose if I would have sprayed it well with non-stick spray it might have worked better, but I ended up having to chisel the muffins out of the cups, which was made even more difficult since the cups are flexible. The pan was so awkward to work with that I'm not sure I'll even use it again.

Thanks for the tip about baking in the microwave, I've never done that!
Bee said…
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Bee said…
Richard said: Well, I only got 15.

Never expect that to happen. I have never encountered that or maybe I simply believed what is said... perhaps I should really try it out.

Could it be that the measurement the manufacturer and you used were different? Is there no quality control before distribution?
Richard said…
MIO: nice to get feedback on the silcone rubber pans. I'm surprised stuff sticks to it.

bee: they do not specify what measurement they used, I suppose they probably mean 24 medium or small cupcakes - but it happens to me all the time. Go for it, we can compare notes :-)
Anonymous said…
Never expect a huge guy like you would enjoy baking cakes; cooking maybe, but baking, needs specific detailed measurements and patience. :)

I never have confidence using microwaves to bake. Am still using the conventional type; the difference - its texture is more moist. For me, microwave ovens are better for reheating than for cooking. Moreover, I heard of
carcinogenic toxins that could be leached from plastic wares.

I believe, quantity depends on the cupcake size you're using and the way the batter is done.

I love cooking and baking too. Friends always crave for my chessecakes and brownies, unfortunately I can't find time to do it.
Richard said…
I enjoy baking and cooking. I guess it comes from having grown up in a home where my mother cooked and baked as well.

The reason I use the microwave is because the oven is broken (the thermostat control is defective) and since this is a 30+ year old oven, parts are hard to find and expensive (well - definitely hard to find, even GE doesn't list the part anymore. Expensive is what the repairman said). As well, since this is the oven in Montreal, it is Sofia’s responsibility – not mine (I take care of stuff in Ottawa – and the oven in Ottawa works fine). Eventually we will have to replaced or fixed, but I am in no hurry – and, apparently, Sofia doesn’t seem to be either (although she does lament that she can’t roast chicken anymore).
Hey my friend
Thanks for your comforting words on my blog. Really appreciate it.

I will be fine...you know me. Just need some time to work through this period...I shall be ok.

As for baking, I can't bake for nutz. I tried once, and it was so hard my mum commented that I could actually kill someone with that cake if I throw it down my flat.
Richard said…
Elvina, you can't give up.

We have all baked a brick or two in our days

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