Immigrants turning emmigrants

According to a number of news articles and reports (like this one) are reporting that about 1/3 of male immigrants between 25 and 45 are leaving Canada within 20 years.

It states that the outflow of immigrants was highest among those admitted in the skilled and business classes.

It also says that refugees have the highest staying rate. Which is odd, since by definition a refugee is someone who is temporaily displaced and has intent to return to their native country once situations warrant a return.

I can understand why skilled immigrants would be leaving. Although Canada gives high marks for skilled wokers, the problem is that their skills and qualifications are often not recognized in Canada.

Sofia was a lawyer in Peru, but her law studies amount to really nil in Canada - certainly, she cannot practice as a lawyer. She would need to study all over again and then article and finally pass the bar exam. The same goes for doctors, whose credentials are not recognized here.


Colleen said…
We here in the States have problems with the illegal immigrants. I have problems with that as well. We give services to the ones that have green cards but there isnt enough to help out the natural US citizens. Something needs to be done. I say take care of our own then worry bout the rest of the world.
Richard said…
I have a problem with illegal immigration because at the core of it is deception.

On the other hand, I also recognize that (1) there are a lot of poor people around the world who are looking for (and I believe, entitled to) a better life, (2) immigration policies are not really designed for helping the poor.

It is a gross simplification, because there are many, many other factors as well.

I just posted this because I found it odd that people who came here, ostensibly, for a better life, are leaving. Interestingly, the only ones who can really come to Canada for a better life are already those who have a good life in their home countries.

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