Buddha's Hand

While shopping today, I saw this delightfully exotic looking fruit, with the delightfully exotic name of Buddha's Hand.

Even thought it was $7.99 (Canadian), I still bought it.

After researching it on the internet, I realize that I have bought a rather large and expensive lemon rind. Apparently, Buddha's Hand is a citrus fruit with almost no pulp or juice primarily used for its zest.

It is still definitely worth a look.

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet


b said…
wow...that is an interesting piece of fruit...a little creepy with those finger-like ends! so, the question is...how will you ever use this?! :-)
ghee said…
a little expensive!is it delicious?
it looks so weird,like a hand or feet,but its unique and interesting,in fairness :)
Raquel said…
Wow, amazing...it looks scary though.

Oh by the way, I came across from Ghee's blog.

It's nice meeting you Richard.
Richard said…
breal: I was hoping to cut it up and eat whatever meat was inside, but ... after my researh, it appears to be nothing but skin and pith. I will probably use it as zest and flavouring. I may even try candying some of it.

ghee: I agree it is very expensive, however, I like to try new things and consider the cost to be part of my "education". Usually, exotic fruits are disappointing ebcause they are never as sweet or flavourful as they are in their native lands.

raquel: thanks for dropping by. After visiting your blog I guessed that you came by way of ghee.
KayMac said…
this is some scarey fruit! you are brave...let us know how you like it!
ingrid said…
I love the fabulous "fingers" ...
Interesting and it really does look like a hand! So do you need any recipes that call for lemon zeste?! Do you have a lemon zester tool? I wonder if you can process it and freeze it?

Okay, I bettter let you get back to baking lemon loaf now!!!!
Sara said…
i would've purchased one too. in fact, i feel the need to go find one.
Richard said…
kaymac: I am still thinking about what citrous cooking I am going to do.

ingrid: it is really cool. I had just finished watching some Dr. Who on You Tube before going shopping and I was drawn to its alienness.

MOI: I do not have a zester, I do have a grater, though. I also have a pomelo I want to save and candy the rind from.

sarah: I am glad you are inspired. It was the first time I had ever seen it and there were only two in the whole store.
TorAa said…
Incredible "facon". Never seen anything like it.Looks a bit creepy with all those fingers. Watch out;D.

I do think the Fruit allready has served it's mission: Joy. Thanks to your wonderful pictures.

Coffee fairy said…
That's one scary fruit! =S
Shoshana said…
A little scarry to eat it...center piece is ok.
krystyna said…
Hi Richard!
"Budda's Hand" - what a name! I like it.
I never met this kind of fruit. (generally fruits are my favorite food). Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Take good care!
Richard said…
toraa: certainly its novelty has great appeal.

coffee fairy: I still think it is less intimidating than balut.

shoshana: so you have had this before?

krystyna: it certainly lives up to its name as an exotic fruit in this part of the world.
Barbara said…
What did you do with an $8 lemon?
Annelisa said…
I'd say it was time for some giant pancakes!

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