"Look! It's the first day of Spring!"

cried out Jason this morning as he looked outside at the bright sunny day, the green grass and the total absence of snow.

All that snow from a few weeks ago is gone.

I am pretty sure this is going to go down as the warmest winter (in thses parts anyway).

[Updated at 17:21, 08-January-2007 to fix broken link. Thanks Renny.]


KayMac said…
we had snow this morning...i actually wore boots just in case..but the sun is out now and the snow has fled.
RennyBA said…
This has been the warmest winter in Noway for centuries and no snow:-( I think it is a bit scaring.

Btw: Did you meant to have a link in your post?
I think we're going to get hit next week! It's just gotta balance out doesn't it?
I've just started exercising using Nordic poling;that's walking using ski poles and I'm getting some pretty funny looks! It gets the heart rate up and helps me balance and take weight off my bad foot so it could be great!
Richard said…
kaymac: it had snowed last night. Then we had rain. So I had a lot of slush to cleanup (and salt afterwards).

rennyba: I am not terribly worried about it. I find it more interesting than frightening.

MOI: I don't know about that. Apparently, el nino is pretty big off teh coast of Peru, that sends a lot of warm weather our way. Certainly in Ottawa, the beginning of January (the past 15 years) always experiences a thaw. They wring their hands and wonder if Winterlude will go off as planned.
Ancilla said…
i am wondering... when will i can have a white christmas..... :p
Barbara said…
For sure. I keep hearing, "It's just El Nino, not global warming." Can't convince me of that...
ingrid said…
:( no snow! oh no! :(
And I guess there's no skating on the Rideau Canal yet? Weather net. says it's getting a lot of snow today/tonight (20-40cm)just north of me where my husband skis. He is very happy! Won't decide if he's entering The Gatineau race (Keskinada) until he gets enough training...and they have the snow!
Richard said…
ancilla: I think it is going to be a long time before there is snow down where you live. You might have to move if you wanta white Christmas.

barbara: weather is never caused by a single factor, however, el nino does have a large effect. As to global warming ... hmmm . I remember back in the early 70s when global cooling was all the rage (yeah, I am that much of a geek) and we might have an new ice age as early as the year 2000. Then this faded away. In the 80s global warming became the battle cry. In the 90s it changed to "climate change". Actually, "climate change" is a master stroke because no matter what happens, the climate changes and the pundits can say, "See? We told you climate change."

I think reducing all forms of pollution, reducing all forms of waste and profligation is essential. But it won't happen. People are too selfish to give up any real or percieved advantage - let the other people give it up. It is always those damned foreigners.

ingrid there was slush yesterday, but nothing today. It is supposed to be above 0 the whole week.

MOI: definitely no skating. I don't think there is any frozen water in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Certainly does not look good for Winterlude this year.
freckled-one said…
Boy it's been cold in California the last couple of days. I even heard that it snowed in Santa Barbara the other day. That's totally not the norm. Spring is no where to be seen. I'm glad you're having some good weather.

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