Happy Birthday

Sofia celebrates yet another indeterminate birthday today. Unfortunately, I am in Ottawa (because I have to work), however, we agreed to postponse the celebration until Saturday.

There are things I'd like to say
to you my love on your special day:

I am forever thankful God sent you my way.

Like a gift from up above,
you showed me how it is to feel real love.

I know many mountains we've had to climb
and sometimes forever has seemed like a very long time.

Yes, we've endured our share of pain,
but together we have so much to gain.

Bigger mountains may lie ahead,
but together there is no hill we can not tread.

So always remember my love for you,
and there is nothing together we can not do.

I'll be here forever - my love is true.
The person beside me, that would be you.

Poem was nabbed from here.


Aw! That's very sweet and I hope you two have a wonderful celebration. Will you go to a fancy French Restaurant in Montreal?(I love how you phrased her age!)
That's a beautiful poem. I wish someone would write like that for me.... sigh....

Sophie's a berry lucky woman. :)

She's a January baby just like me! Pls help me wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
KayMac said…
Happy Birthday, Sophia!
Barbara said…
I'm especially glad you have Sofia following your last post. At some point it becomes evident that people are so much more important to us than careers or material things. You can be with a person for as long as you live. Most jobs fall behind and things get lost or wear out.
freckled-one said…
What a lovey poem. I hope she had a wonderful Birthday.
b said…
Happy Birthday, Sofia! Lovely poem. I hope you two have a wonderful time celebrating Saturday.
Richard said…
MOI: plans are still up in the air.

elvina: I didn't exactly write the poem, but I did search for it and find it and post it.

Sofia is a very special woman.

kaymac: thanks!

barbara: I was a bit concerned about letting that last post hang without something a little lighter in between, but getting a thought down wasn't exactly in the cards. (but you should not interpret my post as having meant I was sullen or down).

freckled-one: she celebrated with the kids (when I spoke with JJ last night, he said he had given her diamonds and gold and money as presents).

breal: thanks, so do I!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful poem! How I wish someone would write that for me too! Your wife is really one very lucky and special woman indeed!

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