Rock, Paper, Scissors

Over the Christmas holidays, we were playing rock, paper, scissors with Jason and having a pretty good time.

At some point Jason decided to up the ante and make it Rock, Paper, Scissors - Gun, with Gun beating everything.

Image nabbed from here.


Coffee fairy said…
hahaha! Jason is one smart boy indeed! But who wins if it's gun-gun?
Coffee fairy said…
I'm thinking Jason would say something like he still wins when it's gun-gun because his gun model is more sophisticated. ;)
ghee said…
very wise,Jason.
I think that`s the common mistake of toddlers playing rock,paper,scissors.
scissors become gun,that`s how`d Jason come up the idea?
Richard said…
coffee fairy: it ended up being a draw, much as if both pulled paper-paper.

ghee: this was a deliberate thing because he said, "Gun, I win." I have no idea why he thought it up, but it made us all laugh.
Interesting that a kid of this generation would think that is so much a part of what these kids see. Maybe it was the same for us seeing all the gunslinging westerns...who knows. It is unique. Did you ask hime what made him think of it?
b said…
wow...very apt choice on jason's part...affirming the significance of the gun symbol in society. paper, rock, and scissors are no match for the gun! :-)
Barbara said…
I always loved this game. But tell Jason, "no guns allowed!"
TorAa said…
Smart guy, Jason, everybody taken by intelligence and surprise :-))
Raquel said…
Hahaha, Jason is smart and clever!!!
Richard said…
MOI: I did think to ask him what prompted him to consider the option. He is much more partial to swords, but I think a sword is harder to do.

breal: certainly, it is a simple image to make with ones hand.

kaymac: glad it made you smile.

barbara: It is a challenge to encourage creativity, but to play within the rules.

toraa: being JJ’s parent, I am not exactly unbiased, but, yeah, I think he is pretty clever.

raquel: I think every child is, but it takes a lot of patience to nurture it.

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