Patient Transport Vehicle

It looked like an ambulance as I passed it on the highway, but clearly written on it was Patient Transport Vehicle.

Image nabbed from here.


KayMac said…
Whew! I am SO glad this has finally been cleared up!
Barbara said…
Isn't that exactly what an ambulance is -- a "patient transport vehicle"? It really has nothing to do with walking despite the root of the word!
ghee said…
patient transport vehicle??is that a public vehicle for common passengers?

is it the same as our jeepney in the phil?
I think it is used for the business of transporting patients to other hospitals and appointments etc. ...a bit different that an ambulance. I'm just glad not to be in one! I think that each time I see the ambulance.
b said…
Yes, the word "ambulance" was apparently too confusing for the general public. "Patient transport vehicle" is so much easier to grasp for those wondering what the hell that square vehicle with flashing red lights is doing speeding down the highway!

But now that I've had my sarcastic moment, I read Mother of Invention's comment. So maybe the difference is exactly that. I'm still not satisfied. I mean, all they need to do is turn the lights off on the ambulance and drive at a reasonable speed to transport patients. Ha...I love these things!
RennyBA said…
So what's the different Richard?
Wish you a lovely end to your week!
TorAa said…
Oh, I thought when in this van, you had be patient. So why all the lightning and sound? That's the opposite ;-)))

Communication is easy,what?

Another "Crazy" suggestion:

Sick transportation!
Maybe they can use the lights and siren when they're going to be late for the appointment! HA!
Coffee fairy said…
I have the same thoughts as barbara. I'm more familiar with the use of ambulance though.
Richard said…
kaymac: but has it? It looked very much like an ambulance to me (similar to the picture I put up – colours and wording where different),
barbara: perhaps there is some subtle difference I am not aware of. Maybe ambulances are privately operated and PTV are property of the hospital?
ghee: no, nothing like a jeepney, very much like the picture attached to the post.
MOI: I have no strong feelings for or against ambulances; I have never had to use one. I am just wondering if the label was a result of over-zealous bureaucrats looking to fill their politically correct terminology quota, or if it is to distinguish between similar, but differently purposed vehicles.
breal: Your comment is exactly what went through my head.
renny: I wish I knew.
toraa: clear communication is essential. I just don’t know if this is a case of clear communication or a clear case of politically correct communication.
coffee fairy: I agree, the question is was it an ambulance or was it a patient transport vehicle

If you search on the web, you can find pictures of Patient Transport Vehicles. The problem is that none of them looked like what I had seen.
ambulance camouflage...
Maybe they think that the word ambulance ALARMS too many people...ironically enough! Even non-English speaking people would know what it was when it is bright red with crosses etc. so I can't see them thinking it'd be understood better the new way.

People often freeze at sirens and don't pull over as they should...or they're too ignorant and/or hurried. I'm surprised there aren't more accidents.

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