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Seeing as it is still officially winter, why not post a few more winter pictures from Canada? All shots are taken in either Montreal, Ottawa, or somewhere in between.

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet

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so nice.....

it's so warm over in my country. :(
brrr.... looks like it's really cold there :)
Man, we sure had a lot of melting going on here yesterday! Bright and sunny...yet my husband said he had one of the best skis yesterday and wasn't slogging it through wet sludge at all!
I went out yesterday w/o a coat. I hope spring comes soon for you.
soooooooooo cold! but the pictures are majestic. i would have loved to experience tons of snow, but we don't have it here. my only experience was the start of winter in beijing, in november.
Beautiful photos. Still winter though?! Wow, yesterday here it was actually quite pleasant in the mid to upper 60s. We've had a few days like that lately and it is so nice to go outside and not instantly feel a chill. Snow is so lovely but I imagine that you are ready for some glimpses of spring!
bee: most peopel are looking forward to the warmth of spring.

tin-tin: sometimes it is cold and sometimes it is not so cold. Yesterday was very nice (not at all like my pictures).

MOI: we had the same. Warm enough to start melting the snow, but not so warm that it made it all slushy.

kaymac: I did toy with going out in shorts yesterday.

sexy mom: the nyou must come to visit Canada or one of th other Northern countries (like Renny's Norway).

breal: actually, it was around 3 or 4C (37-39F) yesterday. But spring doe snot officially arrive for another 9 days.
i want to feel it :p
when it comes true, i'll let you know about this. hehehe...

human are not easy to feel satisfied with what they have...
Was this just recently? I forget how much further north you are. We're done with this for this winter!
ancilla: I am sure that one day you will travel someplace and experience winter and snow. It is quite nice - you just have to dress well.

barbara: the pictures were taken between 15-January-2007 and 05-March-2007. So ... some are more recent than others.
oh wow. i'd like a little coldness sometimes...but not THAT cold.
beautiful winter photos Richard :)
I love them!
vina: When I took those pictures, the temperatures probably varied between -2C to -20C. Just below freezing is very pleasant if you have sun and no wind.

ghee: thank you.
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