Some people just don't get it

A while back I posted a piece of SPAM e-mail I received. It is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is responsible for the majority of search hits on my blog (about 60% at the moment, just after New Year it was running around 90%). But it would be nice if other topics were drawing people to my blog instead.

I've had two comments on the post. One was an anti-curse comment aimed at exorcising Anthony de Croud in the name of Christ. I have deleted that one, since I think it was left by a robot that scours the web looking for references to this letter and then posting the anti-curse.

The second is this one came yesterday evening from an IP address in Guatemala:

LUCK is nothing more than adequate timing in a particular situation, I have received this letter from a loved one and it hurts to see that this wish of luck hides such thoughts of anguish relating to health and well being,if one wishes LUCK one does not threaten someone to do something he does not wish, I have always believed that one forges his own LUCK with hard work and correct behavior, money to me is the poison that corrodes the structure of society,and because I live in one I am forced to depend on it for everything, along with making a name for one´s self because that is what´s expected in society.


Get a life. There is no Anthony de Croud. The e-mail is SPAM. I am a blogger, I post things that pique my fancy at the moment. I like the 8 precepts, but the rest of the e-mail is junk. However, I thought it fair to post everything in its entirety.

Some of the searches that have brought people to this blog (less those referencing the accursed e-mail) are:

  • alchemist test answers from van helmont

  • charybdisian

  • covenant hymn

  • covenant hymn lyrics

  • covenant hymn lyrics wherever you go i will follow

  • covenant hymn words

  • deep cavity in molar avoid root canal

  • enough happiness to keep you sweet, enough trails to keep strong. enough sorrow to keep you human.

  • file hotget

  • forbidden montreal

  • forbidden planet

  • forbidden planet set up gallery

  • forbidden planted

  • forty isn't old if you're a tree

  • how would cheetah's feel and act when caged

  • i abhor the dull routine

  • libby reid

  • listen to the return to the forbidden planet

  • maelstrom box oven baking

  • montreal french -nation

  • nicodemus pidgin english

  • non conformant person

  • novamoxin dogs

  • places you cannot miss in peru colca canyon blog

  • planet life in montreal, quebec

  • pollos brasa restaurant

  • return to the forbidden planet song lyrics

  • sheldon souray sightings

  • the covenant hymn lyrics

  • The name that shall not be mentioned

  • twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do

  • use avuncular in a sentence

  • uv rays deliver vitamin

  • what are the forbidden pronouns?

  • what causes people to be arrogant, ungrateful, arrogant, deceitful, envious, unsocial

  • what happens to dead germs

  • Sometimes I wonder how people actually find this blog because when I use some of those searches, I don’t appear anywhere in the first 10 pages of search results - I don't bother looking beyond that.

    Why you should take the automatic grammar checker with a grain of salt. It suggested this wonderful ordering fir the last sentence of the second paragraph:

    I have deleted that a robot that scours the web looking for references to this letter and then posting the anti-curse left one, since I think it.

    Image nabbed from here. They sell a bunch of interesting / cute self stick notepads (and, no, I do not get any commission).


    TorAa said…
    You allways bring up interesting points from the blogger and internett world.
    The search criteria to find your blog is one example.

    People spamming, I ponder what's going on in their minds (if they have):))
    Ancilla said…
    i face the same thing.
    just a lot of junk mail in my inbox.

    do you know why they did that?
    ghee said…
    Hi Richard,
    I`m glad you`ve opened my site today and I`m also glad that the Trojan Virus had gone.thanx for the link,I will try to download it later :)

    I got that kind of email,too,formerly,and I didnt open it for a reason that I knew it was a Spam email.what a researcher you are,and to think that you really posted what was written in your recent activities :)
    Luckily, I haven't received much of this at all..not sure why but I'm glad. It is amazing what people google to go to a site! It must take them a long time to get what they really want!
    Anonymous said…
    I found your site when looking for "Buddha's Hand"! (I also bought one and was looking for info to post it in my site).

    It was a lucky finding, I like your blog a lot!
    b said…
    Wow. I do not have a stat checker on my blog but I've often wondered just who comes across my blog through internet searches. Maybe it is best not to look into this matter further, however! :)

    Also, good advice on the grammar checker...I too have found it to produce some interesting results!
    Richard said…
    toraa: I also wonder what goes through peoples; mind when they spam. Sometimes I think it is like grafitti, other times I think it is like a wave.

    ancilla: no idea why people spam. I tihnk that sometimes they hope to improve their "luck" by sending an e-mail to 10 people. I try to reduce spam by minimizing the number of people who know my e-mail address. I hate it when people e-mail me and 10 other at the same time. If you are going to e-mail me and a bunch of other poeple, I prefer my e-mail address be kept private. I think this public broadcasting of e-mail addresses is the biggest cause of spam. For example, our home e-mail, which Sofia's relaties and friends often broadcast to alltheir friends, gets a lot of spam. Forbidden planet's e-mail address, which is publicly avilable on the Internet, has never recieved one spam e-mail yet. The blog has recieved some spam comments, but ... that is a different matter and why I have anabled word verification (Even though I hate it).

    ghee: I have no idea why I couldn't access your blog. I Can understand that sometimes servers are down, but yours was consistently down. I like seeing what brings people here.

    MOI: probably because you keep your e-mail address relatively private. The biggest source is well menaing friends / family / relatives who feel that forwarding some e-mail to 20 people is a good way of keeping touch. While I do occaisionaly forward things of interest or that I think might cause people to stop and reflect, it is not my normal modus operandi.

    anonymous: thank you for visiting and commenting. Yes, buddha's hand is another search term that has brought people here, but it was not part of the list I collected. I always wonder how many random visitors to my blog are ever converted to repeatvisitors (even if it is only for a few days or months).

    breal: I suggest going with (disclaimer: I have not tried others). It is free, can be invisible on you blog (like mine), and track the last 100 visitors to your site. For a small fee, you can track more visitors. But 100 is good enough for me, it is not like this blog is some major nexus on the Internet.
    Richard said…
    bee: I don't get it. Or maybe that is the point.

    My most recent favourite one is

    role of kermit the frog as analgesic

    You have to wonder what people are thinking when they type these things in.
    b said…
    Richard, thanks for the reference. I think I will try it out...even if just for the entertainment factor! Haha...Kermit the Frog as analgesic?! I thought I possessed a somewhat creative mind. Apparently I'm pretty boring!

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