Don't like the new URL

The Ottawa library is changin their URL from to and I don't like it.

Mind you, I mostly use their portal located at any how, so it is not a big deal.

I suppose if I was like most people, I would just bookmark pages, but I don't. I insist on typing in each and every URL I visit. Just as I insist on typing in each and every username and password I have.

For a software developer, I can be a terrible Luddite at times.


Barbara said…
I do the same thing you do and I develop software also. I also refuse to program a speed dial.
vina said…
hehe. and it sounds kinda funny when you say it out loud. to me, that is :P
Sounds funny to me too, as I am such a slow typist, I'll do anything to cut down on it...I make a lot of mistakes!
KayMac said…
Not only am I a simpleton when it comes to computers (Yes, yes...I have to admit that I bookmark)--I also had to Google (bookmarked..and i am not kidding :-D) Luddite.

Embarrassing :-/
Richard said…
barbara: cool.

vina: if it makes people smile, then it makes me happy.

MOI: I think it has to do with having control. If it is all automatic, I will forget it.

kaymac: I am not saying I never bookmark things, but I tend to use the bookmark to either (1) temporarily mark something while I am searching, (2) mark somethign that I use infrequently and had to search for.

For instance, I don't bookmark the Government of Canada Revenue site because a quick Google search will turn it up. But I will bookmark some osbcure science article because it was hard to find.
tin-tin said…
i also do type the url's. like for example with the blogs of the people, i always go first to the old url. hehe.

and thanks for reading the book :)
Richard said…
tin-tin: nice to know I am not the only one.

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