You're too funny! Some very good blank verse, Richard!
Richard said…
MOI: I think it falls into the category of Pop Art.

I have to confess, I was inspired (if one may be so inspired) while reading an Interface Requirements Specification. Official documents always tell you when a page is blank to avoid puzzling you over a blank page (which is never blank anyway, since it has a header and footer and page number, just no content).

Perhaps a more appropriate message would be THIS PAGE HAS NO CONTENT.
It is truly inspirational that one can ferret inspiration from Nothing!

Would be neat if you looked at this page again and there was a poem or some message on it! WOO! EEri stuff!
Richard said…
MOI: yes, that might be cool, but HTML skills are not up to it. I just petter along with the minimal I can get away with.

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