Today it is snowing

In Canada, in the Winter, from time to time, it snows. Like today.

It is more of a snowstorm, actually. The morning began with strong winds and frozen ice pellets looking very much like styrofoam beads (the sort you might find in Floam or a stuffed toy).

There are still strong winds and the ice pellets have changed to snowflakes - briskly driven snow flakes.

Looking out the window I can faintly see the outlines of the pine trees across the parking lot in the blowing whiteness. It is the sort of image one imagines when thinking about the barren, windswept expanses of Antarctica.

It is the sort of day that makes you want to go out and brave the elements.

The video is not mine, I grabbed it off YouTube. It is claimed to be Oswego, New York during a snowstorm 05-Feb-2007.

[Updated @ 13:31, just recieved an e-mail saying that because of the poor weather, they are shutting the office down early today. Which is good for me, since I get to leave for Montreal earlier. It should be an interesting 200Km drive. School was closed in Montreal because of the snowstorm, so Sofia stayed home with them today.]


KayMac said…
Your post just made me look out the window...white out! Enjoy your snow day.
Barbara said…
I think we're through with winter here in DC. At least I hope so!
tin-tin said…
in the philippines,in winter, from time to time, there is no snow. like today.

hehehe. actually, we don't have winter. and it's summer now :)
Hasn't this been wild the last few days? Changing hourly. We actually mostly got snow and then crusted with a topping of brief freezing rain, Very windy but at least we're out of that deep freeze. Wet crusty snow is HEAVY to shovel!
Richard said…
kaymac: I try to look out my window as often as possible. I used to have a corner seat with a fabulous view. Unfortunately, I moved to another part of the building and now all I see is the parking lot. sniff. sniff.

barbara: old man Winter is a tricky fellow. He can often surprise you with a magical snowstorm. On the other hand ... I have absolutely no idea what weathe rin DC is like.

tin-tin: poor tin-tin. I think you should move to a country with 4 seasons. Life is too short to only have summer and not-so-cold weather.

MOI: It is Monday today (3 days after the snowstorm) and I haven't seen what my driveway in Ottawa is like. Given that it was above zero on Saturday, I fear I am going to be hacking ice out of my driveway. sigh. And, to boot, it is supposed to be really cold tonight.

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