If you have an hour to spare...

Might I recommend listening to the CBC Radio's Ideas episode "How to Think About Science" featuring Richard Lewontin's take on it.

I think he offers a lot to think about.

(Of course, if you don't like him, there are 17 other episodes and ways to think about science).

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Hmmm... if one is not particularly fond of science, would this radio broadcast put that particular person to sleep? :)
That would probably not be my choice of how to use a spare hour, but I'll keep it in mind nonetheless. I need to read a 400-page book over the coming week, so any spare hours will be devoted to reading!
Just read the line up of subjects covered and some look rather fascinating so i've bookmarked it :D Thanks for the recommendation ;)
breal: it is not really about science, it is more about epistemology (in particular related to science). I think it would be of interest to anyone who is interested in thinking.

barbara: it is an mp3, so you can download it onto an mp3 player, or burn it to a CD and listen to it as you commute about.

aka R'acquel: they are interesting (some more so than others). But I think this one was of most interest - it is quite close to my own take on how to think about science.
Well, that inspires me to look into it! Thanks.
Do they broadcast via internet as well?
you have the same name and you're into science... are you sure this guy is not you? hehe!

have a great week, richard!!
breal: I think it is something you would find interesting to listen to while walking / biking / driving. I don't think it is the sort of think you can just sit down and listen to – at least I can't. Most times I listen to Ideas it is in the car.

toraa: it is available as mp3 files (podcast) or streaming real-media. Personally, I would go with the mp3.

acey: I also share my name with King Richard the Lion-Hearted.
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