Pale Blue Dot

Seeing as today is Earth Day and I am strapped for time, I am gently appropriating this post from Ingrid's blog.

I think it is a powerful message to reflect upon.

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Well that really puts things in perspective. A great film with some wonderful shots.
barbara: I find the narration is very powerful too.
Amazing and very touching!Good video, puts it all in perspective.I feel really tiny now.It sounds beautiful.Thanks for sharing and Happy earth day!
sweetiepie: it can make you feel small, but it can also make you appreciate just how wonderful the life we have truly is.
My husband and I watched this and loved it. It gave so much food for thought, even my husband, and he is not into environment, animals or god knows what. What he greeted with peaceful acceptance I met it with a tornado in my mind...
carra: I'm glad you we able to see it.
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