What brings people here

Despite me not posting recently, people still manage to find their way here. This is a recent snapshot of search terms landing people here. I removed all terms looking for this SPAM (which makes up about half my search hits) and any clearly looking for the movie Forbidden Planet.

What we are left with is this - feel free to enlarge and look at it.

I sometimes search on the terms and manage to find myself, other times I have no idea how people managed to find me.

Note: Google seems to track if you search on your own blog. Many times I enter the search terms and find myself, only to enter them a little later and find I have disappeared from the search. This is most evident when a search initially brings up 3 or so pages (including mine) and a subsequent search brings up those pages, less mine. So beware searching on your own blog. This also seems to apply to clicking on searches recorded within Stat Counter.


ingrid said…
these are wonderful richard :)
mine are not nearly as interesting and varied.
Richard said…
ingrid: oh, I don't know, when you post search terms finding your blog, they look varied and interesting to me.

What irritates me most is about 50% of search hits are for the SPAM indicated above. I have noted it goes above 70% just after New Year.

Disturbingly, there are a fair number of hits related to cavities. One of my favourites went something like this: filling fell out tooth healed itself
carra said…
I can't believe this, some stuff there is really bizzare, where did you get it? I mean what company supplies you with that, I'd be curious to see what brings people to my blog (apart from boredom) .
Richard said…
carra: I use StatCounter. It is free and provides a number of stats. You may find seeing your blog traffic to be humbling. I tend to get around 30-40 hits per day - half of them generated by people searching on the SPAM mentioned in the post.

I just grabbed the keyword analysis stats and deleted those search terms that I deemed not relevant to my blog.
Anonymous said…
Wow Richard, I didn't know one could find the information you did...

What brings me here? I was just visiting. It's been a while. Good to drop by. Been busy learning something new everyday and suddenly remembered I forgot to smell the roses... so I'm stopping to smell the roses.

Feels like life is a continuum of something new to do. Will I ever quench that thirst for life and knowledge I wonder?

Oh well, have yet again forgot my userid and password so will post as anonymous.

Richard said…
mum2one: nice to see you again. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Life is full of wonder and there is always so much to learn. The trick is to avoid falling into ruts and complacency.

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