To The Nines

Today, Princess Tania turns 9.


Esther said…
Happy Birthday Tania! She is a cutie!
Richard said…
esther: thank you! I definitely think she is pretty, but, then again, I presume all parents love their kids.
b said…
Happy belated birthday, Tania. She really is adorable! I hope you had a great time celebrating together!
Richard said…
breal: thank you. I slept in Montreal that night so I could wish her a happy birthday in the morning. The party will be this Sunday.
Happy B-day, Tania! I hope you remember it as I do mine...I got my first puppet, a velveteen rabbit from my best friend. I still have the rabbit and took it into my Gr. 3 class when we studied that book! I loved puppets and still do.
ghee said…
Belated Happy Bday,`Princess tania!!You are so pretty!!

Richard said…
MOI: thanks! She had her party yesterday and said she enjoyed it. They had a water balloon fight, so that made it all worthwhile.

ghee: thank you! Nice to see you again. I have been pretty bad the past little while for visiting people. sigh.

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