Chocolate - it's not for kids

I was watching SpongeBob SquarePants this past Saturday morning with my kids (“How old are you again, husband?” asks Sofia. “Four” I sheepishly reply), when a commercial comes on for Chocolate Rice Crispy Squares Cereal. Apparently, this is not correct, see here, but what do you expect, I only saw the commercial once, half paying attention before my mind zipped off on a tangent.

So, my tangential thought was, “How things have changed. Chocolate being marketed at kids. One hundred years ago giving chocolate to kids would be unheard of. Chocolate was a bitter drink reserved for adults.”

Sort of correct. Edible chocolate has been around a little more than 150 years. But certainly 200 years ago, cacao was made into a beverage, spiced with chili and drunk. A bitter drink reserved for adults.

Makes you wonder why human adults persist in consuming rather gross stuff. Not only that, but making it out to be a delicacy. Maybe I should go home put a few tablespoons of cocoa to a cup of hot water, add some chili powder, whip to a froth and enjoy my adult experience. Then again, maybe I’ll just go buy a Snickers bar and enjoy that instead.

[29-December-2005: fixed broken hyperlinks]


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