Off to Grandma's House

The kids like going to grandma’s house (they never call it grandpa’s house, maybe because in Little Red Riding Hood it is grandma’s house – I can’t think of another, popular, fairy tale where grandparents are prominent).

I took them this morning for a two day stay because Tania’s school was having an unscheduled pedagogical day (strike) today and tomorrow was a scheduled ped day. Since there was a strike, there were also no daycare services at the school - so we had to scramble for backup. My parents live about 80kms (50 miles) from us in the “bush”.

Of course, there was no way Jason was going to miss an opportunity for a sleep over either, and insisted that he go too. Normally, he goes to a Montessori / daycare program.

Tania has spent nights and weekends at grandma’s house since she was a little over 2 years old. Jason spent his first night a few weeks ago. Our criteria were that the kids had to be able to effectively communicate before we let them go overnight. Tania is a language prodigy, speaking Spanish and English, in full sentences with the vocabulary of a 5 year old by the time she was two. Jason, on the other hand, by age 2, I think his entire vocabulary consisted of ‘buh’ – which could mean bird, ball, bus, bath, big, bull, etc … If we pointed to an animal and asked him what it was, he would make the animal sound. So he didn’t actually get to have a sleep over until he was 4.

First thing the kids did when I dropped them off was ask (at least 20 times): “Do you have a cotton candy making machine?” (Yes, they do - but it is an ancient Coleco one - does any one remember Coleco's cotton candy machine, popcorn maker, and easy-bake, or was it see-and-bake, oven?)

Afterwards JJ wandered off to find my dad (who was in his workshop), and offered, “Do you need any help, grandpa?”

I hope they have a good time. It will give Sofia a much needed break (which I hope she will use to rest), rather than deciding this is a good time to do things around the house while the kids are away.

Picture was taken from here - but you would have a hard time distinguishing it from any of the bush around my parent’s place.

[29-December-2005: fixed broken hyperlink]


Oh, I'll bet they'll have a grand time! Enjoy your kid-less time off. :)
Bee said…
ah, i missed my grandma... she passed away when i was 5 and i wondered where has love gone. :(
Richard said…
MIO: I am kid-less Tues-Thurs as I work and sleep in another city. It's more my wife I hope will profit from the alone time.

They always have a good time at grandma's house. She spoils them too much (now, if only my parents had been like that ;-)

Bee: I am sorry you still feel sorrow over the loss of your grandmother. I am sure there are others who love you and have loved you over the years. Take care.
Bee said…
Yes, my first encounter of love after my grandma was my sunday school teacher. She told me so many stories about Moses evry Sunday till I fell in love with the God of Moses. :)

I guess most people think I am very strong and don't need to be loved... so usually I am at the giving end. Maybe that's my calling ya.
Richard said…
Bee wrote: "I guess most people think I am very strong and don't need to be loved... so usually I am at the giving end."

That is how I feel sometimes. It can be very tiring, especially when you really need someone to just be there for you without having to ask.

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