An ill wind blows

Well, not really.

It is just that today the wind is blowing from the southeast, normally it blows from the northwest. It’s odd to see the trees and reeds bowing in the opposite direction.

[Updated at 14:23]

Ah! The sun has come out. That makes things much more cheerful!


dandan...™ said…
How I wish I was there to see the wind blowing those trees beautifully though it was blowing a different direction..
A place with trees only at road side but with heavy traffic..which mean no fresh air..
A place with high-rise flats.
You opened your window and to see your next block of flat with their window CLOSED.
Reason:Singapore a Sunny country which nid an air-conditioner at home to cool us down.
We can't see beautiful scenes which u enjoy every morning..every evening..
Full Of Envy..
Richard said…
Canada is very beautiful, but please don't imagine that everyone has a view like I do (I am very, very lucky).

Most times, I either worked inside a building with no windows, or if I had a window it was always facing another building.

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