I hate shaving and I like beards. Not short anaemic, face hugging ones, not moustaches, but a goodness to honest full face of whiskers - with a massive mane of hair to complement it.

Sadly, my wife does not share my enthusiasm. But, I did manage to grow a little bit of a beard during my sabbatical. Two months does not really translate into what I like, but ...

Jason liked the beard. I remember him telling me as I started to grow it, 'Daddy, I like your whiskers!' I laughed. Where does a 3-1/2 year old come up with the word 'whiskers'? I think he misses it because he still asks me why I shaved it off.

I was bearded through most of my early 20s, prompting my local bishop to nickname me 'The Viking'. I shaved it off and trimmed my mane two weeks after starting at Ottawa U).

The most oddest comments I got were from old women who would say, "I guess the girls must like it." I did not understand why because I do not care what other people think and I do not did not accustom myself to fit other peoples expectations. I liked it and it was only for me.

I did start a trend at my workplace, were we all grew beards (we were four guys in a small shop).

These are pictures of Brian Blessed, Robbie Coltrane, and me. I leave it as an exercise to my faithful readers to work out who is who ;-)

"He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man" - Much Ado About Nothing. Act 2, Scene 1


That's easy, you're the friendliest looking one of the bunch (and the one with the shortest beard.) ;) Now maybe it's because you are smiling in this photo, but you look *completely* approachable to me. :)

Funny, you look very much like I imagined you would, except I had envisioned you with blonde hair, for some reason. Must be that Little Prince thing... :)
Lunafish said…
Thanks for sharing the photo. My favorite bearded men are in Lord of the Rings. Facial hair seems to come in and out of fashion. Beards are great for men who live in cooler climates but I would imagine down here in Texas bearded men would roast in our heat.
Once a technical guy who worked on my project had a beard which he had grown and worn for years. He had to visit a plant in Houston (Mobile Oil) and they told him at the door that he had to shave to enter, something about it being a hazard. He was mortified but agreed.
Richard said…
MIO: my blonde hair has darkened over the years (although, there was a brief period in my early 20s when it turned reddish). Of course, it is now lightening as well (from all the intruding gray).

lunafish: while it is true that hair does trap heat, it also keeps the heat from getting to you. So it works both ways. The really cool thing about facial hair in the winter is having the moisture from your breath freeze on it. Gimli was definitely another great bearded character.
Oh no.....I don't like beards or any kind of facial hair!!

I remember when I was berry young, my dad used to like to give me a kiss before I go to bed. If he doesn't shave, it will feel extremely pricky against my skin if he kissed me. I would always 'DEMAND' that he shaved before I let him kissed me goodnite!
Richard said…
Elvina: Sofia hates facial hair too (says it makes me look like a terrorist) - aside from not liking the feel of it. Beard hair is quite soft, not like the prickles from not having shaved a fe days.

MIO wrote: " look *completely* approachable to me."

You know the old saying, looks are deceiving. Have to get over the first impression of me. However, since you first impression is my blog, your perception is different.
Bee said…
ah... reminded me of my pastor wife who hinted to him to keep beard by smiply saying, "see, those guys with beard look so man". Soon we see a different pastor after that. :)

I guess most Asian ladies are not so used to their men wearing beard.
ghee said…
nice curly hair and beard :)
Richard said…
ghee: Sofia does not like beards, says they remind her of terrorists (especially the kind of beards I like). It is the only one I'va had during our marriage.

Although, I was bearded for most of my 20s.

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