Internet weirdness

I mistyped Icecream's URL this afternoon and was taken to a different page. A little more experimenting and I've discovered that it has worked for every blogspot URL I've tried (mind you, I have not exhaustively tested this).

For example typing in will reveal the mystery page.

Amazing what a missing 's' can do. If you are a denizen of blogspot, you can try it with your own URL.

Saw on MIO's page that someone had stumbled across using a rather obscure search (it's her 18-Nov-2005 post).

While not in the same league as MIO, someone did stumble across my blog via unexpected search terms last night as well (not sure he got what he wanted though):

It seems that Paradise Lost is the culprit.

[Note: Blogger's spell checker is simply amazing. It flagged Icecream's and suggested I replace it with isochronally.]


Boy, somebody was really doing some thinking when they predicted how many folks would mis-type "blogspot"!

It's ironic that our sexual-searchers were both searching at approximately the same time (nearly half past 6 o'clock pm). Seems a little early to me for a Friday night. :)
Richard said…
Yes, that is what I thought (in both cases).
I have seen many elvinas' blogs too. Super interesting.....

Read your post on Off to Grandma's. I envy you for having such wonderful kids! Smart, adorable and well-behaved too I assumed! :)

Love to have a family like yours one day..
Richard said…
I think the kids are reasonably well behaved. Although, somedays, it can seem that all they do is whine.

I hope you will find love and a family of your own one day as well. Take care.

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