Picked up a very nice magazine the other day called Shop Notes.

Unlike many magazine it is not a high gloss one, nor is it printed on low quality "newsprint" style paper.

It also is not crammed with 3 ads for every page of article.

It has lots of pictures, but does not overwhelm you.

Finally, it comes prepunched with 3 holes for easy insertion into a binder.

While not everyone may be into woodworking, I find this magazine and its layout to be very comforting and practical. To bad more magazine don't try to be more useful rather than flashy.

As well, I find the quality of magazines to be going down (at least the computer ones). Used to love a magazine called Computer Language, sadly it is now defunt. They used to have the neatest cover pictures of any magazine.

Then there was the C Users Journal (later C/C++ USers Journal) - which recently closed its doors. But, for the last decade or so, it had been a pretty mediocre shadow of its former self.

Byte has been dead for ages, leaving only Dr. Dobb's as (I think) the longest published computer magazine. But, even Dr Dobb's (originally Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics & Orthodontia - Running Light without Overbyte has been marching a slow death to mediocrity.


Coffee fairy said…
Yes, I agree that only a few magazines now are "quality" magazines. I'm also particular about advertisements in magazines, there's one popular woman's magazine that I find there is more pages for advertisements than articles but I think there are people who buys these magazines for the advertisement pages (especially by those popular brands).
Ironically, although I am into the IT industry, I'm really not into computer magazines. But the Computer magazine in the picture seems interesting, too bad it's not anymore available, maybe it would have paved the way to me having interests in techy things. hehe. =)
Richard said…
You know, I had expected that cover to generate more comments.

It was an excellent magazine, it had fantastic columns by both P.J. Plauger and Stan Kelly Bootle (always the must reads of any issue - even if the rest of it was pure drivel).
Blogger said…
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