The empty tomb

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Prince Romp said…
Finally its Easter there...

I guessed you already had your Church visitation like coffee Fairy did?

Singapore is a very very tiny island...So you can easily find a church less than a few kilometres radious.

So what's dad cooking on first Sunday?

By the way..Have fun to you too.
Anonymous said…
Happy Easter to you & your family,
God bless! :)
Coffee fairy said…
Happy Easter Richard!
God bless. =)
Happy Happy Easter! I miss you guys! Hope it's been good for you and your family??
Richard said…
prince: We went to church for 11:00. Montreal Island is smaller than Singapore (although if you include the island of Laval just north of us, we are bigger).

For breakfast it was steamed ham, with cold coloured eggs from yesterday and bread - pretty traditional for me. Only Tania (my daughter shared in the ham) and Jason (my son) shared in the egg yolks (he hates the white). Sofia had avocado, coffee, and toast.

lfy: Thank you! And a happy and holy Easter to you and your family as well!

coffee fairy: Thank you! A blessed Easter for you as well!

elvina: Thank you! You have been missed too. The kids got a pair of hamsters with which they are thrilled. Then we went to church (which was packed) followed by some game playing, and then a chocolate hunt in the backyard.

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