Poison in the wellspring

Today my emotional state is definitely on the down side, bringing with it shades of despondency.

I'm not sure if this is a side effect of the cold (both my kids have the same and are really emotional) or if it is the angst of dissatisfaction rearing its malevolent head or if it a side effect of the potato chips I ate last night (we watched "Get Smart Again").

Other thoughts today include: why is it so hard to find a decent pencil sharpener? They don't sharpen at the right angle, they always break the lead. sigh. I used to have a fantastic Staedler Mars brass pencil sharpener about 20 years ago. It worked like a charm. But I lost it. Since then, I have never been able to find another decent pencil sharpener (not even another Staedler Mars).


Was this past Friday your "off" Friday? It was for us. I always feel a little bit of a letdown feeling when Sunday arrives (on the 3-day weekend), knowing that tomorrow it will be time to go back to work. (I'm in a bit of a dissatisfaction funk here as well...I need something new and challenging to work on.) I hope your kiddoes are on the mend and that you can avoid catching their cold this time around!
Richard said…
Yes, I have begun my alternate Friday’s off. Previously, I used to take Mondays off (unpaid).

One advantage to taking Mondays over Fridays off was that I had the whole day to myself to regroup after the weekend.

As mentioned, not sure what is precipitating this feeling. There are several possible causes so I am not jumping to any conclusions. I will see how this progresses. It may be nothing more than a normal low cycle. Interesting thing I noticed was that a lot of bloggers seemed to go through this about a month after Christmas.

I have always thought that working at a skunk works would be really cool. Although, my impression is that, aside from technicians, you need several advanced degrees.
busybee said…
Ah.. thought only ladies go through these 'cos of PMS.

Thanks for sharing it... at least I know now that PMS isn't perculiar to just ladies. :P

Hope you are feeling better now.
Richard said…
Ha! Ha! Sorry Bee, but it was not PMS :P

I'm back to normal. It had completely dissipated by Tuesday.

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