Thank you for your prayers

I spoke with my mother last night for the first time in two weeks (I had been speaking to my dad though).

She thanks everyone for their prayers, which she says have helped.

After her autologous stem cell transfer, she developped a fever (as expected) and was moved into the hospital where she was on continuous monitoring and medication.

She said that she spent a lot of her time dreaming or hallucintating. A large part of that time was spent imagining she was sleeping with Tania and Jason on either side of her.

She gave the hospital staff a scare last week when her blood pressure suddenly dropped to 54/44 and her pulse shot up to 160. Fortunately, additional fluids helped restore balance.

She described the cancer ward as a not very happy place with people crying or screaming from pain. For herself, while it was bad, she simply took it one day at a time.

Last night she was released from the cancer ward, but still needs to go for daily visits for the next two weeks or so.

The first year is described as being critical and she said there is a 3% chance of recurrence.

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Coffee fairy said…
We'll be happy to continue praying for her. God bless. =)
Wonderful news! I will continue keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.
busybee said…
glad too hear that. :)

will remember her in prayers.
Colleen said…
Keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. I know it must be hard on her and you as well.
I understand that feeling. When my dad was in hospital for cancer treatments, his life seemed to hang on a fine thread every day. One day he's incoherent, another day he's full of energy. One day he recognized all of us, the next he couldn't remember who I was.

It was indeed very heartwrenching to go through that.

Before, no one prayed for me or my family. Now that I've known God, you and your family will be in my prayers.
Cavalock said…
Be strong, pray hard and all will be well.
Mum2One said…
Must be hard going. Glad to hear things are going well. They say things like this make your soul stronger... will join in praying for her too.
Richard said…
Thank you all. Your prayers and gentle thoughts are very welcome and appreciated.

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