Phase 2

A big thanks to all those who have been praying for my mom or otherwise thinking positive thoughts.

She has competed her 6 day marathon chemo treatment. Her bone marrow is now completely destroyed.

She has been doing very well (no sickness or side effects) and is in good spirits.

Today at 13:00 EST she begins the second phase which is the reintroduction of stem cells harvested from her blood a few weeks ago. These stem cells will form her new marrow. She will also likely need hemoglobin transfusion on Thursday, as her hemoglobin levels are very low now.

Apparently, this is the more dangerous part of the treatment. She will also be given drugs to help stimulate the growth of the marrow.

If everything goes well, perhaps another 4 weeks, she will have a virgin immune system – no memory of vaccinations or colds she has ever had will be part of it. About a year later, after her body has had time to heal and the immune system restore itself, she will need to be vaccinated all over again.


I'm glad to hear that she is feeling well. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers as she goes through the next phase of treatment.
Coffee fairy said…
God bless your mom, I'll be praying for her. Keep the faith! =)
busybee said…
will continue to pray for her full recovery.

peace be with you and her.
Prince Romp said…
No words can describe her pain..
but she is a very strong woman with a fighting spirit.

We must believe in her..
she will definite recover fully.
Richard said…
Thank you all!

I spoke with her last night. She continues to sound well. Although, she had stomach cramps.

She said that they transfused, over a period of two hours, 3 small bags of stem cells they had harvested from her blood.

Apparently her treatment is now over. The rest is simply waiting to see if her marrow will recover and that no complications arise.

There was another patient having the same procedure at the same time - a 40 year old man - but they had to start partway through because he was not feeling well.

So confidence in the recovery of my mother continues to be high.
Cavalock said…
Take care and God bless you. I can understand what it's like to have a parent who is very ill.
Richard said…
Thanks, cavalock. I hope your had a happy outcome in the end.

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