Reserved Experiencer

Saw this neat DNA Personality test over at lunafish's blog (who is an Animanted Inventor) and decided it was worth taking (MIO has also taken it and she is a Benevolent Idealist).

I think it categorizes me pretty well Reserved Experiencer.

I was a little surprised to discover that 80% of people (who took the test) have more confidence than me because I have always had a very strong sense of self. However, perhaps self identity and confidence are different things ... hmm ... something else to think about.

Other interesting personality oddities include being more open than 92% of people, but less trusting than 96%. As well as, I am, apparently, more spontaneous than 70% of people, but less extroverted than 84%.

You can mouse over the coloured squares to get some little popups indicating what each on means.

You can read more here.

Other choice tidbits include:

At times other people's feelings are puzzling to you, and you wish that people were more rational. - I think this is true most times.

Your vision of the world is complex - your values are not set in stone. Instead, you are able to change your beliefs as you learn new information. - I think the world is very simple, but people complicate it.

Never one to be found in chic boutiques or trendy clothing stores, you take an extremely practical approach to getting dressed. - one pant leg at a time.

You can take the test here. Note, if you want to paste into your blog, the script they offer does not work, you have to find a not so obvious link that gives you a different bit of code to paste.


Sassy Lady said…
Hi Richard

I almost took the personality test myself...but something stop me from doing it..cant remember wat was it

Anyways, you wont realize how confident are you unless you're in a situation where you really have to use'll be surprised sometimes that with the hidden confidence that you hav, you can do almost anything you think you couldnt do...(hmm make sense? sounds like a tongue twister)
Richard said…
I'm trying to get Sofia to take the test for me (i.e. get her perspective on the results - I suspect they might be different).

Anyway, I intend to blog on the results, since I have given them some thought and while some were surprising, I think they have given me additional perspective.
Mum2One said…
I ended up doing the test myself! I even did a post on my site about it but lost it all coz I didn't realise my internet was off and when I went to publish it just went to lalaland! :o( Will have to write it up again!

Anyway, I'm an Animated Leader. I don't agree with everything but overall it's pretty right about me. I think it doesn't have enough questions to determine with greater certainty some traits. I think it's more an inflated version of me... but along the right line, if you know what I mean. I've done 2 psyche tests (for a course I did and for a job) and they went for hours or it seemed like it thus my comments on the dna personality test.) :o)
Mum2One said…
And I do think that self identity doesn't necessarily equate confidence. Good self-esteem equates confidence. Good self awareness equates good authenticity in relationships with others. Confidence comes with your perception of what others think of you and your own self-esteem. What do you reckon?
ingrid said…
Bizarrely I am an "advocating director". Not sure I agree.
Richard said…
ingrid: I have a hard time deciding if the descriptor is accurate or not sinc eyou have not provided me with a link to your results.

mum2one: like ingrid, it is hard to divine what exactly your descriptor means. Of course, the test is not completely accurate, but it is fun - I have issue with some questions because I could not correctly answer them.

In my case, the description of low selef confidence and thinking external forces control my life is partially correct - but not entirely - hopefully, I will get a blog up on it today.
Mum2One said…
Here's my report:
Richard said…
mum2one: That is a nice one. Your graphs indicate you are a confident, independent person.
Mum2One said…
May be a bit too nice I think.

I am quite confident but I'm not sure if I'm that confident :o)

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