Am I the only one who thinks these look like acid blotters?

Breath strips came into the market a few years back and the first impression that came to my mind was that it seemed so eerily similar to taking a hit of acid - just place the little blotter on your tongue and prepare to go on a trip.

The first commercials I recall seeing for it featured a woman on a subway hunting down huge germs.

Image nabbed from here.


Barbara said…
Never having taken acid, they look like page markers to me!
Richard said…
Nor have I, but descriptions of it (from all those anti-drug campaigns in school) made me imagine it like that. A small blotter you placed on your tongue (ok, in this case it dissolves) to get the experience.
I agree with both of you (and I also fall into the inexperienced category, basing my impression only on what I've heard about the drug). :)
ghee said…
I`ve never tried that one.I better gurgle listerine or a breath care forms like a small capsule. :)
vina said…
Listerine actually came out with one a couple of months ago. it's called Pocket Packs. i actually liked it - not the fact that it came in strips, but because it was actually strong.

however, these mysteriously disappeared from all the pharmacies and supermarkets. now i'm back to my tic tacs.
ingrid said…
No disrespect intended... but they always made me think of "minty host". Especially the way that they melt on your tongue.
Richard said…
MIO: until Barbara mentioned it, it did not occur to me that they looked like page markers. I suppose it is because of the way they were marketed - as melt on your tongue thin strips in a nightmarish world.

ghee: they have been in North America for the 6 years.

vina: actually, Listerine came out with it in 2000. Maybe it has finally made it to your part of the world.

ingrid: since I have not tried them, I have no basis for comparision.
vina said…
well, no thanks for being a third world country, hehe.

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