"If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." – Nietzsche

Adikar strode purposefully to the edge of the pit and stared into its consuming blackness. He could sense it churning in its malevolence and feel the evil which seeped from it like a noxious vapour withering all in its path.

Shadows from the pit swarmed around him, threatening to topple him into it.

Raising his arm with a sweeping arc he illuminated the darkness dispelling the shadows. "Enough!" he commanded.

The darkness of the void gazed back at him, piercing him with its uncontainable hatred. "I have waited for you. I knew you would come. In the end, all come to me."

"I have come to end it."

"I cannot be destroyed."

"You must be stopped."

"Can you be a greater destroyer than I?"

"It will end. I shall end it."

"Then you must become Death. Where you tread the ground shall be barren and where your shadow falls life shall wither. You cannot both destroy me and contain me."

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"Whoever battles with monsters had better see that it does not turn him into a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." – Nietzsche


Coffee fairy said…
My ideology back from my university days: My Philosophy 2 teacher loved Nietzsche's ideologies. I don't like my Philosophy teacher. Therefore, I don't like Nietzche.
ghee said…
Nietzche has a point.

Attack the monsters but we shouldnt be monsters ourselves!
Richard said…
coffee fairy: whether one likes Nietzche or not is really immaterial. I just like the quote. It (the part about monsters) is similar to what Marcus Aurelius wrote: "When men are inhuman, take care not to feel towards them as they do to others."

ghee: often we think that the way to defeat a monster is to be a bigger monster ourselves. Then we naively believe we can contain it.
Coffee fairy said…
Yes, I actually wrote that transitivity analogy because I realized that I should give Nietzche a chance and discover him myself to appreciate his ideologies.

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