What brings people here?

This is not the existential question it sounds. I am really musing about the search terms that bring people to this blog.

One thing that surprises me is the narrow range of search terms that end up landing people on my blog.

award winning chili lands people here. I wonder if people ever try out the recipe? The only reason I wrote it out was because coworkers asked me for it, otherwise, it would have ended up like all other recipes - a hazy recollection. This is by far the most search landing people here - garnering me at least 3 or 4 hits per week. Ok, so it is not thousands, but, on the other hand, the web is a big place and my blog occupies only a small place in it (ranked higher on yahoo than google)

anthony de croud and variants land people here. It was quite popular around the time I posted it. Probably because the e-mail was making its way around the world. Then it died off. Now it has become popular again - I guess a fresh batch of naïve spammers have gotten a hold of it and are hoping for their good fortune to arrive via e-mail.

photcatalyst self cleaning windows and similar terms land people here. I am actually surprised that people search on these terms. It is fairly obscure.

I was surprised to discover yesterday that there were two different searches for swydw.exe . Apparently, I am not the only one whose computer has been infected with that particular bug. I wonder if they found enough useful information to help them disinfect? If anyone is interested (ok, anti-virus, anti-spyware companies only), I still have the files available. I also appear to be the only source for that search term.

Of course, that does not address the reason you folks come here. Reciprocity is one reason some people drop by. Curiosity, piqued by some comment I left somewhere, brings others. Random blog hopping brings still others. And … most curiously, loyalty. Not that I think loyalty is a bad thing, but I don't see anything particularly special about my posts. Sure, sometimes I pose a deep question, but most of the time I am scrambling to fill space (not for lack of ideas, but for lack of skill to express it concisely in 3 paragraphs or so).


ghee said…
net is asmazing!and you are amazing,too,coz you research a lot :)

i find your posts interesting and contain various infos thats why i keep on coming here :)
Barbara said…
I have found myself wanting to apologize to people who search for something exotic or even erotic and end up on my Blog. I would be really curious to know if any of those who come by Google search ever return. I would bet not...

But I will check out your chili recipe now that I know where to find it.
ingrid said…
You are so marvelously open. It is wonderful. That's why I come here...

The weird search entries are fun! Just this week, my blog got hits for the following:
"grape her ass.com" (??)
"george washington liked ice cream?"
"chimney sweep good luck charms"
"i am allergic to grass"
"acrobatic ants"

Tha more blogs you visit, the more it becomes like a garage sale: something for everyone! Then, they settle out and filter down to the ones you can relate to and seem to have something on which you want to comment and share.
It is neat how those search words work! I've had quite a few lately on Inukshuks from universities because of a story and pics I posted.
Richard said…
ghee: I am glad you find my posts interesting and informative.

barbara: I don't get too many weird search results landing on my page. Most are pretty dull and boring like the ones I mentioned. Let me know how the recipe turns out if you try it.

ingrid: Open?? Are you sure you are referring to me? I don't think I know anyone who would describe me as open (let alone marvelously open :-)

Oh wow! You get really good search term hits. I am jealous! I just get boring ones like the aforementioned ones. The only moderately interesting one this week was "listlessness and procrastination" :-(

MOI: (not to be confused with MIO). I only like garage sales if they have books. Now I am going to have to search your site for Inukshuks.
Enjoying time. said…
You are reasonable, yet emotionally engaging. You have incredible common sense (even if you don't think so), yet you are not pretentious.

You care. You think. You feel. You wonder. You have an inner contentment towards life in general, especially towards the simple things in life. There is a real calming frequency that resonates through your words. It's difficult to find good people like you.

You are a wealth of wisdom, wrapped in delightful, content exuberance.

That's what brings me here.
Richard said…
enjoying time: thank you for the wonderful comment. It really warmed my heart :-)

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