More bang for the backup

If you are like me, you probably backup important data files irregularly, even though you know you should do it more often.

I still use CDs for my backups. I suppose I could use a memory stick, but CDs are fine for me.

However, I use rewriteable CDs - you know CD-RW instead of CD-R - because this way I can reuse the same CD over and over again for backups. This has several advantages: (1) saves money, (2) saves the environment (not so many junked CDs going to landfills – although you could use them for homemade spectroscopes, (3) minimizes the amount of personal information you are discarding (you do destroy archival CDs don't you?).


Lunafish said…
Guilty. My laptop with all of my most important data almost died last year so I backed it up and swore to do it regularly. That was the last time, maybe 300 days ago. Thanks for reminding me. I think I will take that as a sign.
Colleen said…
oh i know the importance of backing up all too well. My good computer is on the fritz and all my stuff is on there good thing for me though is most all of what I need saved is on the second hard drive on the thing so if someone who has a heart can hook up the second hard drive I can recover my things. But i do need a memory stick that would be helpful sadly I still use cd's as back ups also.
I don't do you might well imagine...I never figured out how to save everything in Word at the same time instead of individually. I should try again...maybe holding the control button???
At least I always have a hard copy of anything I'd not want to lose.
Richard said…
lunafish: yes, backup. I intend to do it weekly, but usually end up doing it 1once every month or two. sigh.

colleen: my old computer died a few months ago, not before starting to trash my hard drive. I did lose over 4 Gb worth of files, but fortunately, they were not important. Most were just little videos and trailers I downloaded for the kids.

MOI: do you mean storing the documents all in the same place, or do you mean storing all the documents in one massive document?
I mean saving them to a floppy disk or a cd, I there another way like a tape? Most of my documents are pieces of writing I just have in "Microsoft Word" but I have none of them anywhere else yet ...well, maybe a few on a floppy. Could I somehow save the entire contents of all these pieces on a floppy or cd in one fell swoop without going into each one and saving? I've tried highlighting the whole thing but it won't work..that's why I should try holding the control button as I highlight and drag. Make sense?
Coffee fairy said…
This is a task that is forever in my list of to do's but has never been done (sigh). =(
Richard said…
Well, it isn't needed until after you lose all your data, after which time it is too late.

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