"We see mankind generally either (from ignorance or avarice) toiling too hard and becoming mere machines in order to acquire wealth"

You can read more of Thoreau's thoughts here.


Barbara said…
I am guilty of toiling too hard and often feeling like a machine, but I don't think it's in pursuit of wealth. I just seemed to be wired to overload and constantly test the circuits!
Enjoying time. said…
I think Thoreau's description is especially true for the American mind.

However, I think it is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think you'd really like Martin Heidegger's Question Concerning Technology , Richard. It's only about 30 pages, but he gives an incredible explanation and description of the western, modern paradigm.

Essentially, the westen mind views everything as a standing-reserve of potential energy, as the means toward an end. We never truly see things as they are, but only in how they can serve our needs. “To a certain extent, Heidegger argues, technology transforms humanity itself into standing-reserve. The forester, for example, is at the mercy of the paper industry, which in turn is at the mercy of the print industry, which in turn transforms the reading public into a source of its own profits. He also notes that our use of the expression "human resources" aligns human beings with raw materials such as coal or petroleum.We might say that for technology, nothing in the world is "good" in and of itself, but only "good for" something.” http://www2.hawaii.edu/~zuern/demo/heidegger/
ghee said…
i missed lots of your posts,Richard!

well,i had a good read as usual. :)

thanx for sharing :)
Most of us are indeed, caught up in the "fast paced race to succeed", our definition of success being acquisition of material resources...."things"..houses, cars, cottages, and status symbols like travel, cultural outings...

Would be nice to eliminate this madness and go back to simpler times of subsistence farming ...much less stress and way more appreciation. Ah, should have been a pioneer! But, Susannah Moodie, I am not!!
vina said…
are YOU toiling too hard tito richard?

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