Some pictures from around my home in Ottawa.

Before and after shots of my front lawn before I mowed it yesterday (as you can see there is little in the way of grasss and a lot in the way of low growing foliage. Personally, I like it - Sofia would prefer a lovely homogenous carpet of grass).

Some closeups of the flowers growing in my lawn (including clover).

A closeup of a tiger lilly and of some yellow flowers growing in the backyard.

Of course, in this case, all images are copyright to me.


My parents both grew up in Ottawa south, Rideau Gardens,(my dad's family owned the land that is this whole subdivision now and ran a market garden) and Fifth Ave, behind the Ottawa Ex. My grandma's house is now a heritage site, the oldest house in Ottawa, and is now owned by a history prof. from Carlton Univ. It's on Southern Drive.
Thanks for giving us a little sneak peek! I really like your flower pictures.
Richard said…
MOI: thanks for sharing. Ottawa is a very beautiful place.

MIO: it is prettier in Springtime when all the flowers are blooming and the colours are more vibrant.

cavalock: thank you!
Coffee fairy said…
I prefer the growing foliage too, I have quite a fascination with wild flowers. The fields of Malahide castle in Dublin, Ireland had prairies that I just wasn't able to resist, I had my picture taken with me lying down on the grass with little wild flowers. :)
ghee said…
wow!! thase pics are so lovely!!

and its a real heavenly sight!!
Richard said…
coffee fairy: you make me jealous with stories of lying in the fields in Ireland. You are lucky to have traveled so much. Maybe you can share some of those pictures when you get back.

ghee: thank you!
busybee said…
i like taking pic of nature too. :)
Richard said…
Ahhh, so this is where you hid your comment.

When I am driving between Ottawa and Montreal, I often want to stop and take a phot because there is so much beauty. The only problem is that our eyes sometimes see it differently from the camera - like the rainbow I saw a few weeks ago, you can hardly see it in the photos I took. sigh.

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