Save money! Never spend money on food for yourself again.

I will go even further and say that you never have to explicitly prepare or eat food again

How does this magic happen? How is it possible that I go weeks between preparing myself food and eating it? (I don't really, I do eat lunches on weekdays - but on weekends, I forgo lunch completely.)

The trick is in being a parent with young kids. You see, no matter how much or little you prepare for them, they never finish it. They nibble at it or just eat the strawberries and leave the custard filling and cake behind. Vegetables multiply on their plates.

I just cook for the kids and eat their leftovers. In fact, I often find myself filling several containers with leftovers. I attest to witnessing miracles involving multiplication of peas and carrots on a regular basis.

I don't mind eating what my kids leave behind. If you are not squeamish and childless, you might consider renting a few kids and simply eating the bounty they leave behind on their plates.

This applies equally well to restaurant food. It seems a shame to order a full course meal at some outrageous price when the kids get plenty off the kids menu for $3.99 or $4.99.

The only exception is French fries - they get eaten up. As well, you need to strictly control the ketchup – otherwise, everything will be swimming in it.


Barbara said…
I find that portions are often so large in restaurants that my husband and I can easily split an entree and still get plenty to eat. It would be appalling to know how much food gets thrown out every day in the US and Canada and other similarly affluent countries.
charles said…
Well, since I am on diet. I rarely eat and thus saves me money and buy clothes instead.
The portions in Canada are fairly reasonable except in the Maritimes East Coast where there is far too much! I went on a trip there once and gained 6 pounds in 14 days since we totally ate out! If you've ever seen the movie,"Supersize Me", you'll certainly become aware of this and definitely never eat at the Golden ARches again!
heheheh So true! The vegetables do seem to multiply right there on their plates. Mine aren't much for eating protein either, mostly they're happy with just a big plate of carbs (processed carbs, not the natural variety).
Richard said…
barbara: that is so true, but then you end up looking like a cheapskate. The other thing that makes you like like a cheapskate is not ordering drinks (preferably alcoholic ones). My brother used to work in a restaurant and said that those who order just water tend to be the cheapest tippers. Ha ha, I tend to just have water or maybe and iced tea.

charles: it depends on the kind of diet. Eating healthier often means including more fruits and vegetables rather than bulkin gup on cheap carbs. Thanks for visiting!

MOI: sadly, I haven't travelled much of Canada, so I can't compare portion sizes. I do know that when I was in Boston I was surprised how HUGE the portions were. A good way to reduce portion size is to simply choose a healthier alternative to French fries which are the common fare (I choose steamed vegetables is possible - usually at a small surcharge - and that brings portion size down to reason).

MIO: carbs seem to be an instinctive thing people like to eat. I guess that is why so many comfort foods are high in carbs. Tania has generally not been too picky about her foods, but JJ always has.
charles ravndal said…
Yeah that is true but it's quite funny that the cheap carbs are cheaper than the veggies or the healthy stuff.
Richard said…
I don't know if it is funny as much as sad.
HandyGirl said…
the time came when i could no longer share restaurant meals with my child. she got bigger and so did the bill. then we moved east to the maritimes, and are sharing meals again. i don't want to waste food or overeat, and 'mother of invention' is correct...portions here are huge.

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