Thirty days hath September ...

Shorter days
Cooler nights
Wilting leaves
Autumn near
Burnished gold
Flaming red
Warm orange

Image copyright by me.

[modified 11:23 01-September-2006 to make all lines three syllables - which means "fiery" gets axed and replaced with "flaming" - or maybe that should be "glowing" or "blazing", or "burning"?]


ghee said…
nice shot,Richard :)

autumn is in the air...i dont quite prefer it..i find it sad(bcoz of the "falling leaves"?)but the color is fabuluous.

the mountain and the trees around is perfect.
Barbara said…
A very different feel from August, I thought as I opened the door today to a blustery much cooler day. I'm anxious for the pictures like yours that are the beautiful side of September.
freckled-one said…
That is a wonderful picture! If only it would cool off here in California. I'm so looking forward to autumn.
ingrid said…
Hey Richard,
As you know, I will be in Ottawa this month. Can you e-mail me with your phone number so that we can try to meet up? I tried emailing but had no reply or an "email address not found" type of reply.

Sassy Lady said…
Hi Richard

How have u been? Hope u and family are doing fine.

The picture says everything..lovely, calm, breathtaking and very eye catching..

Wish there's a scenic view somewhere here that I can relate to ur picture...hmm

Have a great and relaxing weekend!!
Richard said…
ingrid: thanks! and the check - I mean - phone number is in the mail.

ghee: I took it 12/13 years ago while ying on my back in Gatineau Park.

anonomous: thanks, but I really don't like shopping.

freckled-one: you can always move back to Canada.

sassy-lady: Nice to see you back. Seems most Singaporean bloggers have gone on holiday. Singapore must have some green spaces, no?
Nice words and beauty pic! Here, we have no colour change yet, we're hangin' on to any last sign of summer like a dog with a t-bone! But the nights sure are cooler..was 5 C one night and we had to close all but 1 window of our summer bedroom!

Always bugged me that the lines we learned as kids (and taught as teachers!) to remind us of the # of days in each month, didn't rhyme past the first 2. I love poems that rhyme, although much of what I write is free verse.

Hope you have a great Labour Day weekend! (Pretty dull and rainy here.)
Richard said…
MOI: there is very limited colour change here at the moment (that picture is 12/13 years old). Mostly what you will notice is that the leaves look more drab, the greens are no longer vibrant; there is a yellowish pall to the trees. It is still going to be another month for the full colours to come out.
Yes, that was lovely but, you should experience fall in Ohio. The colorful leaves, the cool air, the homemade apple cider...there's really nothing like it.
Coffee fairy said…
wow, nice picture! I've always been fascinated with autumn colors but I've yet to experience the real thing. Though we do have some kind of autumn (i.e. some trees with leaves turning orange/yellow/brown and falling) here in the tropics.
Richard said…
rn around paris: I understand that the colours in the Northern climates are much more brilliant. I remember students from Europe telling me that although they have Fall colours, it does not compare to Canada. Maybe, one day I will venture to Ohio in the Fall.

coffee fairy: the colours are lovely. Spring time and a Autumn are very colourful seasons in Canada.

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