Landing on the Forbidden Planet

I always like to see the search terms that bring people here. I blogged once before on this. Award winning chili no longer seems to make the rounds, although anthony de croud still does. In order of popularity, from the past week or so, the search terms are:

anthony de croud
palladium oxide uv fluorescence
forbidden planet pictures
how can a elephant adapt to its environment
masa & purple corn
how did organisms changed the planet
forward chino de la suerte
cold cuts slimy
personality test circle, square, triangle
calliope planet star
ovo-lactic vegetarian
return to the forbidden planet - poetry
forbidden planet california jason
nathalie richard montreal
heavy rye bread
touch her belly to
things that originated from canada
arequpa the white city
rocotto relleno recipe
my nice nieces
today i married my friend
zno is not a good photocatalyst

Twenty six came in from google, and one from yahoo - this is not surprising since google owns blogger. Some of these are pretty obscure and people have to dig deep in the search lists to actually find me.


freckled-one said…
So how do you know that they are coming in from a search? I'm not that internet savvy. Educate me and we'll both know... hehe
Barbara said…
The thing I wonder is whether I ever get any new regular readers from these random Google searches? Is landing on your Blog enough to convince someone to return?
My experience is that they do not become regular readers and find out in 1 second that it is definitely not what they were after!
Richard said…
There are various web trackers available. (You have to paste some HTML code into your blog template)

The one I use is provided by Statcounter. It is non-obstrusive, does not require you to show a hit counter, nor does it put any advertising or popups on your page.

It comes in a free version which tracks your last 100 hits or you can pay if you want to track more than 100 visits.

It allows you to see which search terms are bringing people to your page, which web page they land on, which web page they leave from, how long they have stayed, where they came from. My top two visiting countries are the US and Singapore.

This is not the only one available, Elvina uses a different one as does Erin (she has a nice side bar that shows all the countries visiting her).

You can also check out The Free Country for a variety of free web statistics services. The Free Country is a good resource page for all sorts of development tools and libraries from programming to web design.

Don't forget to set a cookie on your computer to avoid tracking yourself every time you gaze lovingly at your blog - Statcounter provides this feature and I presume others do too.

For the curious, these are the most recent search terms to bring people here:

forbidden planet blogger

i like carapulcra

children of identical twins are half-siblings


anthony de croud good luck

redemption code forbidden planet

anthony de croud

why do flowers evolve slowly?

masa & purple corn

orson welles pisco

what is a trimeme

barbara: I am not aware of any converts from search engine referrals. Although, sometimes, I notice the same person coming back several times on the same search terms.
ghee said…
yeah,same as mother invention,they just popped in and take a peak.

some really read my blog regarding the time they spent there.

but u got a lot,26 in one day?
Richard said…
ghee: no, no, they did not all happen on the same day.

The last eleven were spread over 2 days. The ones in my post over a week.
Barbara said…
I always assume that those who return on the same search string are figuring they found you once this way, why not try again?
vina said…
maaaaybe this isn't a forbidden planet anymore!
RennyBA said…
I'm always looking for clever words in my titles so that people who surch for thouse words might drop in:-)
freckled-one said…
Ah ha.. Thanks Richard. I'll have to check out my counter.
tin-tin said…
hahaha. i read your answer on how you can track it. i've tried stat counter before. but it's like it's not working. i don't know
Richard said…
vina: it has never been forbidden - that is just the title of my favourite movie.

rennyba: I like clever titles too, but they search engines also hit the words in your posts as well.

freckled-one: I hope it works out well for you.

tin-tin: I looked at your web page, I only see a reference to easyhitcounter, but none to statcounter. Perhaps you forgot to include the HTML code on your page to enable it?

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