Fall summary

So far it has been a fairly mild Fall. We are pretty late into November and there have been no terribly cold days. I have managed to make do with sweaters this whole time - my coat still hangs in the closet, waiting for me to don it.

Mind you, it was a pretty wet Fall. I remember trimming the bushes in Montreal one weekend and then having hard time finding a dry weekend to collect the sticks (I use paper yard waste bags. As you might imagine, paper bags don't hold up very well in the rain).

We did have one brief moment of snow flurries a few weeks back. Recently, a few morning have been below zero - I even had to scrape frost off the car windows on two mornings.

I've enjoyed it (as much as one can, locked up at work). The only change I would make is to have had it a little less wet.

waiting for Christmas moment :)
It's been a mild fall here in California as well. Today was the first really cold day and I'm pretty sure my idea of cold doesn't come close to your idea of cold in Canada.
there's no fall here. only falling in love. corny! hehehe :)
i wish we had four seasons here.
okay, maybe just three.

scrap winter :P
This is an exact copy of what I would have been written about the Autumn here in Oslo. In fact, we have had the mildest Fall since they started recording temperature back in 1867. This morning it was +9C at 7 am when I drove to work.
This fall has been rather weird but nice not to have it so cold. We're enjoying the last mild day today at 16 Celsius! We actually rode outdoor bikes this past Sat....but this weekend will be much colder! The whole town was putting up their Christmas lights last weekend.

Hope we don't get what Edmonton and Calgary have just had! Even Vancouver Island got hit! Our weather patterns are really changing or so it seems anyway.
It has been a wonderful Fall in Michigan. The past weekend was actually warm. But we will have snow by Friday. I heard a caller on one of our radio stations say, "I should move to Michigan...where you can experience 3 different seasons in one week!"
Like TorAa say; it could easily been a fall summery from Norway - at least the south part of our county. I've seen at ET's blog that the snow has come to Vancouver though, so there might be a hope for snowy winter on the north part of the globe anyway:-)
ancilla: so are my kids! They are writing very, very long letters to Santa.

freckled-one: never having been out to California, I don't know what your idea of mild is. My general impression is that the climate is too warm (granted, it is along the coast, so it is probably moderated). The worst was when I was in Colorado one Summer. Being in Denver was fine, but once you came down to sea level, it was oppressive.

tin-tin: if it makes you happy and smile, why not?

vina: don't knock winter. It is very nice. Long walks as the glimmering snow falls is wonderful. The crunching of snow under your boots.

toraa: I am not sure if it is the mildest Fall since record keeping, but it has been relatively pleasant.

MOI: are you one of those extreme cyclists who goes out on the roads even in the dead of Winter?

kaymac: there is a lot of weather variablity up here in Ottawa and Montreal as well. Sofia calls our weather crazy (she was born and grew up in Lima, Peru) where they have 4 distinct seasons - when it is Summer, you know it will be warm and sunny, no unexpected rain, no sleet, no hail.

rennyba: I feel so guilty, you have commented twice on my blog and I have yet to return the favour. As long as we have a white Christmas, all will be fine.
I heard on the way to work today that the temperature here is 20 degrees above average today. As much as I don't like cold weather, I'm afraid of global warming...
barbara: I am not too worried about global warming. If you recall, 30-40 years ago, they were predicting global cooling (a new ice age as early as the year 2000).
Yeah, where's the snow? I believe I live even farther north than you do, and we don't have any snow over here either.
matt: I Just looked up Sweden's latitude and they all seem to be above 50 (actually clustered around 60). Montreal and Ottawa are around 45.
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