Song in my head

Yesterday afternoon Bif Naked's Leader was running through my head.

Ok, maybe that is a bit too much, it is more like bits of it were running through my head, because I can't remember the lyrics to a song to save my life.

You can have a listen to it from the video where it is used as the background music.

I have no idea what the video is about. It has nothing to do with the song. I find it just distracts from the song If I could, I would disable the video and only play the audio - but I can't.

I recommend you just close your eyes, turn up the volume and enjoy. If you don't want to close your eyes, you can always scroll the video off screen.

May not exactly be the sort of ambience music you want at work.


I can never listen to these except in fits and starts! Not familiar with this and it's probably not my kind of music actually....but then, I'm old and not as hep as you are! (I sound like my parents in the 70's! "Turn down that *#@* loud music!")
Matt said…
I saw a segment about Montreal on TV today. I thought about you.

What's that got to do with the song in your head. Nada! :)
ghee said…
hmm,i havent heard of this song..

i dont like the video but the sound is not bad...

get over me,away from me??
KayMac said…
took your recommendation and listened vs. watched. good song!
RennyBA said…
I agree with you - the vid was disturbing but the song where great - thanks for sharing!
Wish you a lovely Sunday:-)
Richard said…
MOI: her whole album Purge is excellent. I like the majority of songs on it - which is rare because I typically only like 1 or 2 on a CD. Oh, the 70s and 80s were horrible for music. There were a few good bands in the 90s: Junkhouse and Tea Party.

Matt: Hey! don't leave me in suspense, why was Montreal in the news in Sweden? A few weeks back a section of a bridge collapsed in Montreal - apparently it made wrold news because I had a call from my aunt in Poland to see if I was ok.

ghee: if you recall, I devoted a whole paragraph to ignoring the video (which has nothing to do with the song). IT is by a Canadian artist.

kaymac: I am glad you enjoyed it. Try some of her other songs from her Purge album (I Love Myself Today is awesome - that one has a proper video, but I think the song stands better on its own)

rennyba: glad you enjoyed it. I though t it might appeal more to younger readers of my blog, but I am gratified that a spectrum of people enjoy it.
ghee said…
Hi Richard!
i moved my site so pls update the link and pls do visit if you have some time :)

Matt said…
Yup, I remember that bridge accident. This was not on the news though. It was a game show kind of thing and they asked questions about Montreal to contestants in the studio. I can't remember all the questions, just the once that had to do with hockey, ya know!

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