"Stand still, like a statue."

"Some statues fall over," replied Jason.

JJ is a very active kid, he can't sit still for a moment (much like me at that age).

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ghee said…
its hard for children to stay still,
it requires more training :)
Richard said…
I think it depends on the child.

Both my kids are pretty active - Jason especially so. It is a very difficult balancing act between imposing some order and discipline on the child (and possibly stifling the child) and allowing the child to freely express themselves. Let's face it, my kids aren't active because they are bad, it is because they have a wonderful energy and a million things going throw their mind at once.
ghee said…
of course,im pretty sure that they are smart Richard,just like their father :)

hyper children have extreme physical and mental abilities..

being still are two kinds;
having their own world,or they have sufficient skill to focus on things.
Barbara said…
Maybe there is a more realistic metaphor for Jason -- like "stand still like a bee while it sucks honey out of a flower". What a dull world if we were all as still as statues!
Richard said…
ghee: my kids take after me (especially Jason) in having very inquisitive minds and always seeing something new. Tania has less trouble focussing on things that interest her.

barbara: this was not a control sort of request. It was practical. JJ has eczema and this necessiates about 20 minutes of applying creams (medicated and moisturizing) to his skin in the morning and at night. Trying to apply them while he is wriggling like a fish out of water is very trying. He may stay in one spot, but decide that he will run in that spot. So he bounces up and down on his bed. I will try to tell him to be still ike a bee drinking nectar and see what effect that has.
Matt said…
I have that statue at home. Miniture of course.
My guess is he'll find a way to be kinetic while he sucks nectar like a bee! It's just his nature. He will learn that there are times and places he needs to be more still, just as you have learned this. Does he bop around the whole time he's engrossed in a movie? I don't imagine so...not too much. Although, during O Canada each morning in my class, you sure could tell the kids who couldn't keep still!
Richard said…
matt: was it a gift or something you bought yourself?

MOI: he is 5 and active. I have no problem with it, it just can be trying sometimes. He also has inherited my tendency to mentally mentally jump about as well.
Matt said…
Let's just say it's a gift.
Richard said…
matt: Ah ... I understand. You stole it :-P

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