"Will you buy me a present for my birthday?"

JJ (my son) asked me last night.

"I'm pretty sure I will", I replied.

"Thanks! You’re the best!" he declared.

"Are you going to buy me a present for my birthday?", I asked.

(Pause while thinking) "I am going to buy you Doctor Who number 5" he declared.

"Really?" I asked raising my eyebrows in wonder.

"Yeah, it's very cool. I watched it as a kid. I was three years old." he stated, matter-of-factly.

Jason turned 5 a little over a month ago.

Image nabbed from here. If you don't recognize it, it is Ultraman - which I used to watch as a kid.

[Updated 13-November-2006 @ 17:36 to add speaker identification and avoid any possible ambiguity.]


Barbara said…
When I think of 5-year-old birthday presents, I always remember what my friend Freddie Lee, one of 10 children, prized as her best present the year we turned 5: a trip to the park on the back of her dad's (my pediatrician's) bicycle.
Hmmm...can't say I ever watched that show!!I was probably too busy watching Gidget or The Monkeys as a teenager!

Hope your son liked it.
freckled-one said…
Cute... It's great that you're sharing some of your favorite childhood memories with your son. Maybe it'll be something he'll do with his children as well.
RennyBA said…
Your JJ is so sweet wanting his dad the best - your blessed!
Don't think we've had that show in Norway but it sounds nice.
Btw: thanks for your birthday greeting and welcome to celebrate my one year blog anniversary!
Ancilla said…
do you arrange a birthday party then?
tin-tin said…
happy birthday to your son! :)

ultraman? i like bioman better. hehe
TorAa said…
Got your adress from Renny's blog. Your son reminds me of my grandson, Sebastian, also 5 years old. He's up to so much - and we gave him A joiner toolset for his birthday, which I posted a while ago.
Richard said…
Oh, no! I think there has been a misunderstanding.

JJ celebrated his birthday last month (although, that does not stop him from asking me to buy him things for his birthday).

What I thought was cute in the conversation (and I thought it was unambiguous in my original post) was JJ telling me, "I watched it as a kid. I was three years old." He is barely 5 now.

Thanks for all the well wishes anyhow. I am pretty sure most of you wished him well last month as well.

However, I have been introducing him to Ultraman (what snippets I can find on YouTube). He seems to be really impressed with it.

I updated the blog entry with less ambiguous speaker identification (I hope).
Now I get it! No wonder I didn't watch that show!
b said…
That is sweet!
dandan...™ said…
Your son is definitely cute..
I wonder when I have a son of my own, will my son buy a present for me on my b'day...
ghee said…
cute Jason..

cant get the doctor who number 5..
Richard said…
MOI: You can catch clips of Ultraman on Youtube. There have been a number of Ultramen over the years, but the season I remember started back in 1966.

breal thanks!

dandan: kids are wonderful and give you lots of love. You have to really work hard to make your kid hate you. No matter what, you are always going to be the best in their eyes. And if you shower them with lots fo love and kisses, they will love you all the more.

ghee: Doctor Who is a British sci-fi show. He knows I like Doctor Who, so he just made something up.

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