"I suppose I should tell you the honest truth."

I overheard that a few days ago between two coworkers.


ghee said…
hmmm,what`s the honest truth then?

ohh,happy weekend,Richard! :)
KayMac said…
Ha! I needed a laugh today!
Barbara said…
Does this imply there is a "dishonest" truth?
Matt said…
I hear the phrase "God's honest truth" a lot. I like it and have used it myself.
freckled-one said…
The truth.. That's something most people are afraid to do.
tin-tin said…
hahaha. at least it's not the white-lie truth :)
b said…
Oh yes, the honest truth. :-) Another good one!
Richard said…
ghee: That is exactly what I wanted to know. The weekend was pretty good, I finally started working on a rock tumbler for Tania (I had promised to make her one two years ago).

kaymac: Laughter is supposed to be very good medicine.

barbara: It certainly implies that people believe there are various types of truth.

matt: Hmmm ... "God's honest truth" ... to me truth is truth, it is indivisible

freckled-one: I don't know if people are afraid of truth, at the very least they often seem to find it inconvenient.

tin-tin: I always think of a white lie as a game, a small deception that has a definite time when it is over and the truth is revealed.

breal: One would certainly hope so.

It was something that made me stop and think just how many different varieties of truth there are. For me, truth is truth. Most people it seems, or maybe I just hang around with too many lawyers, seem to believe that if what you say is not untrue, then it must be the truth. However, definitely tell you something that is true, but omit to tell you all the details - details which may significantly alter the interpretation of those details. Lawyers are very good at this (Sofia was a lawyer in Peru), a lawyer works on behalf of their client - not on behalf of justice as might be supposed. If they are the defense lawyer, they are interested in presenting their client in the best possible light and will consciously choose not to reveal any information of evidence that puts their client in a bad light. The prosecutor, on the other hand, is interested in vilifying the defendant and is only interested in presenting information damning to the defendant, conveniently ignoring any information that might show the defendant to have any redeeming qualities. So, many half truths are spoken.
Truth can be pretty black and white..but then there are those lies of omission and selective telling of facts etc.
Richard said…
MOI: in my world, deliberate omissions and selective telling in acircumstance where you are asked for honesty are the same as lying. I see little difference between deliberately saying something untrue and deliberately withholding something true.

Of course, there is the whole issue of privacy and stuff, but that's not where I am going.

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